Friday, June 04, 2010

Pictures Speak

(Megan can officially tell time...and loves illustrating so!)
Everyone knows the saying "A picture speaks a thousand words."
And it's true!
I could go on and on about what went thru my head when editing the pictures for this post.
But I wont.
Instead I'll just share them with you.
And see if you can hear what they said to me.

In order for you to have the same conversation with these pictures tho...
You must first quickly CLICK HERE and flash back one year ago.
Then come back and let me know what the pictures below say to you.

Present Day:
At Daddy's classroom for the 2nd Annual
STAR Testing Mr. Burns Breakfast Bonanza
(Did I mention my husband is a Rockstar?) 

It amazes me sometimes to look back through this blog and see how we've
Marched on.
Brought up.
It's a good thing MJ can keep track of the time now.
Cause it's zipping right past her Mommy.

Can you guess what else these pictures said to me?
What did they say to you?


Polka Dot Moon said...

How awesome is Mr. Burns!!!

Your kiddos have changed in a year! Time is truly flying by us and we need to cherish each moment.

(unless it's one w/a scorpion)

Mr. Burns you are a Rockstar (I saw the video) and Mrs. Burns you are too!!!

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

You are giving me POST TRAUMATIC STRESS Syndrome from seeing those black tables!!!!!!

GOSH, I feel soo old now!!!!

btw: I used to be a teacher's aide in the science department or student assistant or whatever when I was a senior!

Heather said...

Oh my gosh, your munchies look so much bigger! What a difference a year makes! Your husband sounds like such an amazing teacher - his students are lucky to have him!

Tessa said...

I am guessing that you are having "fast forward" thoughts to when your kiddos will big enough to be doing STAR testing? That times goes so extremely fast, that one day you will look back on these pics and will not believe how big are! :) Cause I would feel the same way. My little guy finishes elementary school this year! {sob, sob}

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