Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What to Wear: Eclipse Premiere

At a family gathering this past weekend I joked that my sister gets all the credit for being the "smart & educated" one in our family. She's an incredibly hard worker and actually puts her post college degree to good use. I on the other hand, get all the credit for being the one who's obsessed with vampires and Disney teen pop stars. (Nevermind I have a very legit degree gathering dust in my closet.) Her bookclub reads things like Middlemarch. Mine is lucky to finish a book in March.

OK - obviously I'm exaggerating to be funny. But you can imagine the validation I felt last January when Kate texted me from Mexico where she was at a destination wedding. She'd bought a book at the airport. She's fluent in Spanish (true to her smarty pants form) but wanted an escape, beachy read to enjoy poolside while on vacation...not something she'd have to translate. Well guess what was the only thing for sale in English?! TWILIGHT! She was texting me to ask me to rush ship New Moon to her house so that it would be there when she got home. She had been bitten.

HA!...so sweet. Last time Kate was home, she'd finished the books and we hashed out all our thoughts and theories on the series then watched New Moon together. It was awesome, silly, sister FUN. I'm sad she's not here tonight to share Eclipse with me. Cause she was here with me when I got these!

Two premiere passes to see the movie tonight at 9PM! Three hours before anyone else can see it! Thank you, Nordstrom. Eclipse was my favorite book of the four. So I'm super excited to see it tonight!  My girlfriend, Kim is joining me. We also saw New Moon together the night it came out. I'll be wearing (mostly) this:

Eclipse PremiereFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

(CLICK HERE to visit Polyvore and waste your life away....er, I mean, create your Eclipse Premiere look!)

LOVE the shoes. Bought the jeans to get the tickets! My friend Sabrina gave me the jacket. Already own the scarf. Denise sent me the candy. I'm gonna attempt to make a knock off tank. And even tho I didn't buy the make-up - if I had, I would've totally picked the Team Edward palette!

Finally - Denise, HeatherG, and Haley...you all will be on my mind tonight! I love our crazy Twitter banter back and forth about this silly obsession. It does my heart good to know there are others of you out there. Other NORMAL, functioning, fun-loving, happy wives and mothers. Thanks for indulging me. Please say we'll be together for (at least one!) Breaking Dawn? You too Kate. It's a DATE! XO


Nancy said...

Eclipse was my favorite in the series for sure. You lucky girl and what a rad outfit too! Ok... are you Team Edward or Jacob???:) I know I sound like I am 17 but I definitely don't look it!

Amy said...

Totally jealous! This is the only Twilight premiere that I've missed so far. I'll get there, but not on premiere night! Gotta ask Nancy's question...Team Edward or Jacob? I'm Team Jacob...have been from the first book.

Amy{thosefunnylittlegirls} said...

Jealous! Have a fab time.

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

LOVE you, friend!! Have so much fun tonight!! We really do need to try to see one of the Beaking Dawns together!

xoxoxo! HG! <3

love said...

you're crazy, but i love you. i cannot pick up one of those books. maybe someday....

BUT, i MUST know where to buy those shoes, please. thank you.

love said...

ps--how close are you to san diego? [i guess i could look it up.] there is a rad boudoir studio there that does little parties for girlfriends....come in, champagne, get made up and have a photo shoot. i think i'm going to set that as one of my rewards if i EVER start meeting ANY weight loss goals.

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