Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Up Top

The girls have been campaigning to have their beds turned back into bunk beds recently. And Molly REALLY wanted to be the one to get to sleep on top! My only hesitation was that Molly still comes into our bed several nights a week. Usually around 3 or 4 in the morning. I explained to her that it made me nervous putting her on top, knnowing she'd be getting down in the dark and coming into our bed. I tried to "spin" the top bunk as a priviledge for girls who slept in their beds ALL NIGHT! I told her that if she could not come into Mommy & Daddy's bed for 7 days in a row...then we'd change the beds back into bunks and she could have the top!

That very next morning I woke early, when Matt left to surf, and found NO Molly in my bed! I was so impressed that she had stuck it out in her own. I  tiptoed to their room to check on the girls and discovered...

No Molly in HER bed either!

In the night, wanting to snuggle...but still wanting that top bunk...she opted for the next best solution.

I {LOVE} this.

I asked Megan how Molly ended up in her bed and she said,
"We were just so excited about getting bunks again, Mom. We couldn't fall asleep. So I told her to come in my bed and we would talk about it until we fell asleep. And then she just stayed there, Mom. It's fine. I know she really wants the top bunk."

The girls now have bunks.
And Molly gets to try being up top this weekend!
{thanks to her sister}


Brooke said...


Anonymous said...

this gets a big huge AWWWWWW...so stinkin' cute!

Amy said...

Too cute! My monkeys have sleepovers in Julia's bed on the weekends...all 3 in one bed, every Friday and Saturday night. It's the only two nights of the week that our 6 year old boy doesn't wind up in our bed. Sometimes, they just want a snuggle partner!

Ashley said...

Hi!!!!!!!!! So glad you're posting again! I've missed it!

Okay...so this is seriously the sweetest post. Doesn't it just make you melt how much they love each other?! :)

And yay for bunk beds! So fun!

Are y'all gearing up for football season?! I'll be thinking of you:)

LauraC said...


Kimmie @ live fancy. said...

Seriously, sweetest thing EVER. Like, ever-ever. LOVE.

TDM Wendy said...

So sweet. I never had a sister. Glad my girls have each other.

LACY said...


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