Monday, August 16, 2010

Let's Get Waikiki!

Megan knew what she wanted to do for her 7th Birthday party 10 months ago. The very first night we brought the kids to walk thru our new house, she saw the pool and declared, "I'm SO having a Pool Party for my birthday!" That was last October.

So Pool Party it was...with a twist of Hawaiian Luau. And it was a blast. I bought all the printables for the party from AndersRuff. Maureen designed the invitation for us, and both Megan and I fell in love with it!

I couldn't have better things to say about this company! Maureen was awesome to work with. Prompt, professional, generous, helpful, creative! All her products MADE the party. I've already started working with her on printables for Wyatt's Star Wars Party in September. Be sure and check out the AndersRuff blog HERE!

And now...for the picture overload.
The front door. You may remember the flamingoes from Kate's Mad Hatter Tea Party. I'm good at recycling like that. (Keeps Matt from freaking when I insist on filling our garage with boxes of old party decorations!)

The chalkboard in the dining room.
For.Reals?! SEVEN?!

Outside Decortations
Fabric Poms, Paper Lanterns, Mylar Palm Trees, and (my new obsession) ruffled crepe paper streamers!

I take two colors of crepe paper and sew them together on my machine with highest tension and longest stich lenth. The result is ruffled/gathered/two sided/duo-colored FABULOUSNESS! One full roll gathers to be about 9 feet long - but when you get them at the 99 cent store - that's still a steal! For Megan's party I used hot pink and lime green.

The Birthday Girl!

And Sister

And Girlfriends

We filled the pool with rings and dolphins and played a game like Musical Chairs...but in the water. It was great fun.
We also put a volleyball net across the pool. All the girls were on the shallow side and Daddy was on the deep side. The Birthday Girl showed off all the new skills she learned at Volleyball Camp this summer!

I literally had to bribe the girls out of the pool for lunch, dessert and presents.
We had turkey sandwiches, fruit kabobs, blue jello with gummy fish, potato chips, and Pina Coladas for lunch. OK - they were really just pineapple-coconut smoothies!

AndersRuff also designed the cutest water bottle wrappers that fit perfectly around the small, short bottles.

We had a dessert buffet with Starburst, Rainbow Sherbet, Chocolate "Beach" cupcakes, Pina Colada cupcakes, Otter Pops, and Swedish Fish. AndersRuff designed all the food labels for me too.

AndersRuff made the cupcake toppers! I made the cupcake tower out of cardboard cake rounds covered with fabric and ric rac. They are tiered with lime green paper cups! (Hot Glue makes anything possible) I added green grass skirt around the bottom tier. I think it turned out cute!

Blowing out her candles.

Surrounded by Sweetness

It was a Fun Filled Day with Fabulous Friends!

Party Favors were pink t-shirts I appliqued with a striped bikini.

Megan helped me wrap them in bags with tissue and cute tags. AndersRuff made me a custom party logo that said "Thanks for making a SPLASH at Megan's 7th Birthday Party!" and had a bikini in the middle. LOVE IT!

I was very happy with how the party turned out. And as I tucked MJ in that night, she said "Thanks for the best day ever, Mom! I loved it." That was all I wanted to hear.

She's SEVEN.


JuliaVP said...

Amazing party! What a great mom you are!

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

have I told you how jealous i am of that chalkboard?

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