Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Thank You Note

Dear Friends and Family,
(and people I've never met, but who share my heart!)

We did it!

Late Sunday night, Project 320 had another clean water well fully funded by YOU!
Men, women & children an ocean away now have HOPE.
For health.
For energy.
For time and freedom.
(to do something other than walk for dirty water!)
For change.

Dirty water kills more people each year than every form of violence.
Including WAR.
But it doesn't have to.
Together, we did a little bit of good, towards ending this craziness.

Your faith and generosity in this busy, strapped, tough economic time of year has given me chills.
And some tears.
But most of all, the FULLEST of hearts!
So I Thank You!
It's the best Christmas present ever.

I also want to Thank Aggie Hill for their generous donation to our efforts!
I know Meg is happy!
As she is the winner of my giveaway.

More Thank Yous to my P320 girlfriends.
Without whom, clean water would be 1/6th as much fun!
I love each of you, so much.

And even more Thank Yous to each and every blogger who posted a giveaway this year.
Beautiful, handmade LOVE all for water.
You make the hearts of Julie, Mel, Marta, Two Heathers, and Me sing.
We couldn't have done it without you!

Watch this video.
Dance Around.
Get the words stuck in your head.
(me and the kids can't stop singing "We got a time bomb!")
Be moved by what you see.
Feel good about what you did!
(Start thinking of what else we can do.)

Happiest of Holidays!

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