Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Very Merry Megan Molly & Munchie

Last week was the kids' Christmas programs at school. Wyatt's was first. He was very excited to sing in "God's House" and had been practicing for us at the dinner table all week.

A picture in front of our tree before school.
His hat is my favorite.
As is his "grit-my-teeth-and-do-not-look-at-the-camera-at-any-cost" smile!

Although he knew every word by heart, he did more hamming it up for my camera than he did singing! At one point he waved, so I waved back. But he looked at me and mouthed "No, NOT YOU! Daddy!"

My favorite part of the whole thing?
At the very end of the song, he blew kisses to the audience!

Seriously, this kid is too much! CLICK HERE for a video of him singing his song. It's on my Facebook page - so we might have to be "friends" for you to view it. 

Megan & Molly had their Christmas program the next day. The first grade sang "Gingerbread Cookies," "Decorate The Tree," and "Oh Come Little Children" and all wore hats and scarves.

The Kindergarten sang "The Twelve Days of Christmas" and  "Mele Kalikimaka" and all wore Hawaiian shirts and dresses. It was very cute and the girls had a blast! I think the both love performing for an audience.

There is just something about school Holiday programs that really get me in the spirit! They are always a little chaos, a lot of cheer, and an abundance of cuteness! Love.


TDM Wendy said...

I love them kids of yours. And those classic holiday concerts. Where kids can squirm, stare off into space, pick their noses, elbow each other, and sing off key. Love them.

Libby said...

Adorable! said...

very cute!! Merry Christmas :-)

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