Thursday, February 03, 2011

Blog Break

Whaaa Whaaa.

My laptop is opening to only a bright blue screen.
Hence the prolonged Blog Break the past few weeks.
There is something in me that doesn't like to post without pictures.
And my pictures are trapped on my laptop. 
All 3,570 something of them.
(for reals. that's the last # I remember seeing at the bottom of my iPhoto page)
Hence why the thing crashed, I am led to believe.
Whaaa. Whaaa.

So for now....
while I figure out just what I am going to do in the computer department
(Macbook Light, Macbook Air, hobble along with Mateo's handmedown, praying to the Laptop Fairy)
I will be posting really sad pics from my ancient cell phone.
This is one of my recent favorites.
The kids celebrating Aunt Kate's birthday (from afar) with SusieCakes cupcakes!

I think it's time for tech upgrades across the board.
Considering this is an AWESOME pic for my phone.
And any webpage I try to open results in "page too large to load"
And the "F" key never works.
And neither does the down button.
So I am left constantly scrolling to the right......

Yes. Time for upgrades across the board.
Mateo and I had a good laugh yesterday when we realized the number of new items we will probably be dropping some serious cash on soon. 
He said, "I know we're late to this party, but I think it would be wise to buy some Apple stock."
Yes. That was a good laugh.

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