Monday, February 07, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - February 7th

{I've decided to start posting my Monday Menu Plans here on Bringing Up Burns from now on. It's easier for me, and since I share the recipe blog with my sister, seems to make more sense! But all my weekly recipes, as well as old menu plans, will still be over on Haute Plates!}

Oh! I am a baking, crafting, decorating, sewing FOOL this week. Our weekend ahead is SO BUSY!

Friday night is my turn to host Supper Club and I'm so excited for it. I have chosen "Spanish Tapas" as our I'm thinking sangria, olives, gazpacho, goat cheese baked in tomato sauce, tortilla de patatas, roasted peppers, sausages, and almondy desserts....YUM. I love love authentic Spanish food! For the main course I am making Paella a la Valenciana. Where Matt lived in Spain, he says it was also very traditional to include RABBIT. We'll see if I get that adventurous! ;-) Looking forward to seeing what the other girls bring! (and sharing pictures with you all!) Here's a little sneak peek of what I've got going so far.

Then...Sunday is Molly's Vintage Valentine 6th Birthday party! We are going to craft valentines, paint glitter fingernails,  string beaded bracelets, open presents and enjoy a fabulous pink and red dessert buffet! I'm sure you wont be surprised to learn I've gone a bit crazy in this department. Think....cotton candy, m&m's, mini donuts, sugar cookies, krispy treats, marshmallows, red gummy lips, cake pops, cupcakes, hershey kisses, taffy, conversation hearts, meringues dipped in chocolate, red velvet whoopie pies, strawberry milk & pink lemonade in milk bottles...Oh I can't wait for the FUN! More sneak peeks.

But between now and then, we must eat too! So dinners this week consist of cleaning out the fridge and pantry. Making a few things that were skipped last week. And sticking with recipes I know, nothing too exciting or difficult.

Monday: Slow cooker beer braised beef, baked potatoes and balsamic broccolette
Tuesday: Huevos Rancheros with fresh pineapple
Wednesday: Whole wheat fettucine alfredo with bacon and mixed greens (under 500 calories too!!)
Thursday: Veggie grilled cheese (in Better Homes & Gardens last month) with tomato soup 
Friday: Paella a la Valenciana

AM Smoothie: Pineapple & Ginger
New Breakfast recipe: Banana chocoalte chip muffins

2011 Running Goal: 10miles/week (50/520)
Actual miles completed: (45/520) a few miles to make up this week!

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needhelp said...

The party looks like it is going to be fantastic!!! Such great ideas!! Where did you find the "sparkler wand"?? is it an actual sparkler?? looks fun!!

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