Friday, March 11, 2011

Kate's Roaring 20's Birthday

I flew to Chicago last month to celebrate my sister's last year as a "20-something." Hence - her idea to have a ROARING 20's Party! It was a blast. Living in Al Capone's stomping grounds didn't hurt, either.
{is my BABY sis really 29? Cause that makes me mid 30's....ugh!}

AndersRuff custom designed the invites. So cute, right?!

I absolutely LOVE Chicago.
I'm not sure if it's really because of who lives there...
or because of all the "big city" fun I have when I visit!

Friday we went to dinner at Girl & the Goat.
{ridiculously GOOD. silly FABULOUS.}
If you ever go,
eat the pork fat fried donuts with mango and vanilla creme.
Then DIE.

Dinner was followed by front row seats to Dolly's 9 to 5.
Vibrant. FUN. Exciting. FUN!
Did I mention Friday was the coldest day in Chicago in the past 2 years!
Walking to dinner it was 7 degrees.
When you're just visiting, this kind of cold is FUN!
(espesh when your Windy City Sis has FAB boots your SoCal self gets to borrow...
Cause you own nothing other than flip flops and ballet flats!)

Saturday we went to brunch at Meli Cafe, and then to mani/pedis.
Then we returned to the loft and party prepped.
Made tissue poms, antipasto platters, minestone soup, and meatball sliders.
Mixed Apricot Sidecars and made homemade Irish Creme for the hot coffee and chocolate.
Fixed up some Flapper feathered, bejeweled headbands.
Curled our hair. Applied lots of red lipstick.
Toasted the Birthday Girl!

My parents had 29 long stem red roses delivered for her birthday. They were the perfect centerpiece for the party! A girlfriend she went to grad school with arrived with the personalized Birthday Cake.

After an hour of mingling, we hit the curb for the "Untouchables Tour!"
A bus tour around Chicago's famous historical Mafia hot spots.
Treat bags of Garrett's Chicago Popcorn, pretzels and M&M's were at the door to take along.
Right beside a donation bin for One Warm Coat. (What Kate asked for instead of presents!)

After the tour, everyone came back to the "Suberlak Speakeasy" for more libations and... A MAGICIAN!

He was seriously good.
Weird, scary, I can't figure out how he did it, GOOD!
It was sooo fun!

The rest of the night we danced the night away and celebrated the woman I love most in this world! My sister.
I was so impressed with everyone's costumes and willingness to get into character.
Kate & Paul have fun friends!

It's official.
Kate owes me a trip.
My 40th will go off.
And she will BE there ;-)
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