Thursday, March 03, 2011

Real Quick

It's March!
My favorite month of the year!
Not only is it my birthday by months end...
But March also brings St. Patrick's Day
the start of warmer weather
my bulbs starting to peek thru the dirt
fresh asparagus
all sorts of Spring Sweetness I adore!

This first week of March, we are BUSY!
Real Quick I wanted to share:

I finally blogged about my trip to Chicago for
Kate's Roaring 20's Party over on HauteBlueB!

And I've been working on lots of new stuff in the shop!

Now go find something you cant live without and buy it...So I can afford to go to Creative Estates! So many friends to meet face to face. So many remarkable women to learn from. So many beautiful handmade lovelies I wont be able to live without. ;-) Ohhh, I so want to go!

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Jessica Johnson said...

LOVE those cupcake toppers. LOVE. Might need those.

Lauren said...

As always....LOVE it all!!!! Sending you lots of hello's :-)

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