Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Fun

Here's a photo tour of our day so far!
We had Rainbow Pancakes for breakfast.

I embellished some green tanks with doilies for the no one got pinched, of course! (inspired by CookieMondays)

Then we went to Grammie & Papa's for Shepherds Pie, Corned Beef & Cabbage, carrots, parsnips, Soda Bread, Shanagarry Salad and beer! (which was almost cancelled cause Grammie isn't 100%...but we all rallied to help make her favorite holiday a success!)

(orange roses on the table...cause we are of the NORTHERN PROTESTANTS, and don't you ever forget it!)

Green Cousins!!
(yes, for reals. That Guinness picture hangs in my parent's living room 365 days a year!)

Later we're having Shamrock Whoopie Pies for dessert.

AND!!! In other news, (in case you haven't guessed by now) Mateo gave me my birthday present early. A brand spanking new iPhone!!!! And if you can't tell, I'm quite enamored with it. And Instagram too!

**Disclaimer: I know I am srsly late to this party called iPhone...but did you know you could BLOG from it?! Whoa. Compared to my 2008 Sprint DINOSAUR, (LEGIT...I have blog evidence to prove I've been stuck in Flintstone-ville) this new toy of mine is like manna from Heaven, or sent straight from NASA, or Back From the Future! The things it is capable of doing...its sorta surreal.

Forgive me a few days as I acclimate to the present.
I'm having horrible issues reconciling the fact that
Me : iPhone = My Mother : VCR

My kids were asking I download the AngryBirds app before I ever really knew what apps were!
Not okay.

Moving on.
Hope everyone's day was as much a Hooley as ours! St. Patricks Day is one of my favorite holidays. So much so...I wear my "green" everyday ;-)

And now you know something VERY few people know about me!
(It was a Christmas present from my MOTHER! She, my sis, and me all have the exact same one!)

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Joanna said...

Love it! I was looking forward to reading about your St. Patty's Day festivities, knowing your family heritage. I'm glad you were able to enjoy it together.

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

You are the best mom ever! What a fun day!!

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