Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I {want to} See You!

This post is inspired by all the wonderful women I met this weekend.
Women I enjoyed getting to know better...
Face to Face.
But made me want to know more about
of YOU
that visits this here little space of mine on the WWW!

This post is also inspired by one of HER posts way back when.
We are some of each other's oldest blog readers.
But she's someone I still yearn to meet.
Face to Face.

So, here we go!

Late at night, I try to hop over to your blogs,
or answer your questions & e-mails.
Get to know you better!
But this weekend, I met so many regular commenter-friends,
Some of whom, I got to talking to, and realized...

"I never knew that about her."
"I never would have thought that she liked..."
"She is so much younger/shorter/CRAZIER in person..."
"I never imagined her voice sounding like..."

It made me stop and think.
As transparent I feel I am here, there are probably a million things about me you don't know.
And FOR SURE....
I don't know about you!

Want to know one of my favorite things in the whole world?
Learning people's stories.
Knowing what makes them tick.
And grow.
And keep on when the going gets tough.
It helps me do the same.

So, let's chat.
Please share.
Tell me anything...
Your story.

Your favorite color.
What you order at Taco Bell.
How you met your mate.
What you're doing today.
Is it what you went to school for?
Do you have siblings?
How you like your coffee.
The last book you read.
How tall you are.
The one trait you love about yourself.
Your favorite ice cream flavor.
How you desire to move to Spain, learn to knit, sing Karaoke to a packed room, and become fluent in sign language.

OK, wait.
Maybe that's just me.

Here. I'll start.
I'm Erin.
I get a Cheesy Gordita Crunch and a Diet Pepsi.
(but I curse, because I'm loyal to Diet Coke)
I met my mate in high school.
But we didn't start dating until college.
Today I am a mom. And a daycare provider.
I went to school to be a Clinical Psychologist.
I am the oldest of 4.
And I am who I am, because of them.
I just started drinking coffee in the last few months.
And I only drink it iced.
And caramely sweet.
I gobble up books.

I just finished Still Alice.
Right now I'm reading Room.
I'm 5'6".
And appreciate that I make friends easily.
I can't pass up Haagen Dazs Strawberry.
But Mint Chip runs a close second.
And yes!
I want to move to Spain, learn to knit, sing Karaoke to a packed room, and become fluent in sign language.

now it's your turn.
Do share.
I {want to} see you.


TheAutoMomma said...

Hi, Erin! I found your blog through my Google Reader's explore feature... I found your Irish Car Bomb cupcakes recipe and they rocked! Anyway... I like this post because I enjoy reading other folks' stories. :)

I'm Sarah.
My favorite color is red, with green in a close second. I really love colors though, so I don't stick with just those two.
At Taco Bell I like a Mexican pizza and Baja Blast!
I met my hubby at work. I was a service advisor and he was the asst parts manager at a Nissan dealership.
Today, I'm having lunch with my sis-in-law, and being a mom. And going for a run.
I didn't do college for a million reasons (well, 2)... and I regret it most every day. I'll get back though. I was going to go for Psychology, haha. So if I had gone, I wouldn't have met my husband or have the life I have today that I love so very much.
I have one sibling, a brother. He is one cool dude.
I like my sugar with coffee and cream. Not really, but I like it sweet as sweet can be. I use Irish Cream International Delight non-dairy creamer in my home-brewed coffee because it is SWEET. Sometimes I also add a scoop of instant flavored cappucino. Yum!
I've been trying to read a real book for many months. I think the last book I actually read was The Shack. I looooove reading, just don't have tons of time for it. I'm trying to do the Bible in a year, but I don't think that counts here, thinking you're asking novels.
I'm 5'7 and a half.
I love my eyes. I think they're great. That's the vanity answer. I love all of the things about myself that let me mother my small guy.
I would LOVE to win the lottery, buy a decent sized house (not a mansion, but a house big enough that we could never have to buy another house), pay off all of our debts, and spend the rest of of lives raising kids and volunteering. I would also love to be able to pay off my parent's house and cars if I won the lottery. I'm afraid the lottery discriminates though, against folks who don't play. I may never win when I don't buy lottery tix! Haha.

So that's me!

TheAutoMomma said...

... and I just realized I misread the "today" question. For work, I'm primarily a SAHM, but I also do some writing for a car magazine. Not what I (would've) gone to school for, but it's great to be able to be published and do something fun for a tiny bit of money.

Werth Weekly said...

Hi Erin!
I found your blog from the Move It 2011 blog.
My favorite color is pink and purple. I like the fresco soft ckn taco and burrito with a Mountain Dew from Taco Bell.
I went to high school with my husband-we didn't date until I was 20. We moved away from our family in KS to live my the mountains in CO. We love our families dearly, but the mountains were a dream place for both of us!

Today I am putting off cleaning as long as possibile, I am a mom, and childcare provider. I graduated college in 2009(I took lots of breaks in between) with a degree in Liberial Arts {elementary education} with all the budget cuts and my daughter still at home, I am doing daycare currently. This fall I will still do daycare, but I will be adding a home based preschool as well.
I am the oldest of 3 sisters.
I love vanilla lattes with skim(iceed or hot).
I am 4'10".
I try to be fit and healthy, but it doesn't always work out that way.
Someday I would like to be in the school district teaching, for now, I am happy with where I am-doing what I do.

Joanna said...

Ok, so my favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate peanut... oh wait. You know that.

I met my husby, hmmm... wait, you were there.

Did you know that I do NOT like onions in my Taco Bell burrito? Yes? Shoot.

I'm afraid I am not much use here. *Sigh.*

TDM Wendy said...

"She is so much younger/shorter/CRAZIER in person..."
You through me off here cuz this should be about me, right? But we met long ago...

I love hot chocolate from the Bittersweet Chocolate cafe in Oakland.

I changed high schools five times.

Yesterday I finished the last DVD of the Insanity workout. It was killer.

My 2 1/2 year old just woke up from her nap. She is now sitting on my lap holding me and singing. Love it. Oh, now she has to poo. Time to go :)

Jennifer said...

Hi Erin... found your blog through Britain's. I dated her little brother in high school :) I love crispy tacos at t-bell, reading, running and gardening. I met my husband in high school but didn't start dating until post-college. Having a colicky newborn made me a coffee drinker, and since having a second baby last summer, I think about having a second coffee almost every afternoon!

love said...

awww...i love you! i rarely get to anyone's blogs anymore & here i am and you're doing this post. I LOVE IT! can't wait to hang someday. [soon!!!]

favorite color: pea green, grey, haute blue =)

taco bell: it varies, but fave is a crunchy taco, beans, rice & a pepsi! LOVE PEPSI.

met matt at a purdue football game.

today: staying up entirely too late to get my introvert alone time in because i met with someone tonight about adoption. i love helping people with adoption, but man is it hard on me in this way.

oh, i read the above question wrong. well, i'm a mom to SEVEN CHILDREN today. [even though 2 of them are still making their way home.]

and no. no, this is NOT what i went to school for. no one could have prepared me for this. [BUT, I'M SO THANKFUL.]

went to school for nursing. loved being a pediatric nurse. would love to use those skills much more often again someday.

i have a sister & a brother. best gifts ever.

i'm SO GLAD you love coffee now. i love coffee in general, but especially with a hazelnut or toffee nut flavoring.

last book i read was crazy love. now reading forgotten God.

one trait i love about me is my ability to see little things as really big blessings.

ice cream: not the biggest fan. i like vanilla w/ a LOT of pecans, chocolate chips and some caramel!

i desire to move my family of NINE to uganda, learn their language, learn to knit!, have chickens, homeschool & have time to organize my closet as well i as do everyone else's in this house. =)

love you, erin! come to chicago!!!!

Mariah said...

ok, I'll play along...
fav color is green.
taco bell - burrito supreme no meat.
I was 18 when I met Robert... we were both camp counselors at an summer camp for disabled children. We moved in together 3 months later!
I wear so many hats I don't know where to start... today it was all about being a wife and mom. In the past month I've done work as a magazine writer, substitute teacher, crafter, party planner, wedding coordinator, photographer -crazy!
my degree is in human services, so maybe? currently working on my masters in marriage and family therapy. learning about interpersonal skills help me function in these different rolls.
two brothers. one I don't talk to, the other died of brain cancer my senior year of HS. he was my rock growing up.
I like my coffee best from home, with chai creamer.
last book I read was woman, food and god by geneen roth. changed my life... not yet changed my wasteline, but insight is the first step!
5'6" - I always say if I was at least 6' I would be the perfect weight! ha!
one trait I love - I am a loyal friend.
ice cream usually makes me sick, but I do love cookies and cream.

fun! thanks for posting.

JulzVP said...

Hi friend! I'm Julia.
My favorite color is pink, but I'm also loving gray a lot these days.
Taco Bell- Fiesta Taco Salad with ranch on the side (totally defeats the purpose of the salad probably.
I don't think I have met my husband yet, cause it most certainly wasn't the guy who took me on the worst-date-ever a few weeks ago... still waiting.
Today I think I'll stay in bed all day... jk. I will teach highschool english and then go to my second job and nanny for a few hours. Then off to small group. Not sure how I am going to manage grading about a gazillion science tests in there...
Nope! I always vowed I'd never be a teacher... grad school here I come.
2 brothers and a little guy who hangs out with my parents. We call him a 3rd brother but that's just complicated.
Iced-cocoa-cappacino from starbuucks. If I'm being good, I'll have them make it with skim milk.
Last book- Prodigal God by Tim Keller... AMAZING
I am 6 feet 2 inches. Yup, a tall lady.
I love that I love to be busy... or were you meaning physical trait? I like my hands... not my nails mind you... just my hands.
Chocolate peanutbutter ice cream--yummy!

And I love this blog and I love it that I'm FB friends with you!

Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} said...

I'm Jacky.

I love color in general, but pink is always a favorite.

It's a chicken quesadilla for me, please!

My fiance's older sisters used to babysit me. We officially met when we were about ten. Ten years later, and we're getting married!

Today I'm preparing to be a wife, helping my family, and working hard on my shop, hoping it will be a success.

I have 4 younger sisters.

Creamer is a must. Caramel macchiatto's from Starbucks are even better.

As Sure As the Dawn by Francine Rivers. Plowing through the last 2 chapters of Dicken's Little Dorrit.

I'm a pretty average 5'4", and I really do like my height.

I love that I can be creative.

Denali Bear Claw from Publix.

I always find things like this so interesting - thanks, Erin! :)

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

LOVE this post Erin, and LOVE you!!

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