Saturday, May 07, 2011

Memory Lane

I recently received a box of old pictures in the mail from my Aunt Beth.
One picture in the box, in particular, brought me to tears.
They were HAPPY tears.
An instantaneous wash of GOOD emotion.
An overwhelming FULL sense of love and good and friendship.
And the knowledge that I am very blessed!
Here's the picture.

The Gregg Four.
Circa 1998.
In a full on, giggling embrace.
I love my siblings.
I love this picture.

It is my prayer that Matt and I live {and love} long enough,
and parent well enough...
To be blessed to witness this sort of thing between our 3 someday.
When they are "almost grown."
(as the four of us were when this pic was snapped)

Thank you, Aunt Beth.
I DO cherish it.

1 comment:

carlisle clan conversation... said...

Sweet, sweet post...tears are brimming and my heart is full. Love my family, too!

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