Monday, April 18, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Happy Monday! Lots of movin' and shakin' going on here at Bringing Up Burns. We are gearing up to host a FUN couples shower here Friday night for two of our longtime friends who are marrying each other! Very exciting. Lots of help on the party planning front this time around from my girlfriends. But I'm looking forward to making THESE and THESE for dessert that night. YUM!

These are the favor tags my friend Mommy Holly made me.
We are attaching them to mini Tabasco bottles (the Groom loves Tabasco!)

And this is the confetti that will be sprinkled all over the tables.
Also fabulously made by Holly! You can find her shop HERE.

I've also been working, little by little, to unite everything under the "Bringing Up Burns" brand (one of the lessons I took away from my weekend at Creative Estates.) So pretty soon - there will be no more Haute Plates or Haute Blue B! Instead, you will be able to find everything - recipes, crafts, party planning, book reviews, handmade items, tutorials) right here on the Bringing Up Burns blog. I think it will be much easier for me to manage and post regularly and much more enjoyable for my readers to be able to find everything in one place! What do you think?

So, I made a Bringing Up Burns Fan Page on Facebook - and soon, that is where the blog will publish in syndication (rather than my personal Facebook page.) You can come "LIKE" it by clicking HERE (or over on the left hand sidebar!)

I also began "Date Your Mate Fridays" again last week, after receiving several requests to do so at Creative Estates. Check out last week's post HERE and link up! It will be so fun to get ideas from each other. I can't wait!

Here is our Menu Plan for the week. Some cleaning out of the pantry going on - as well as easy, low maintenance recipes so I can party prep a little each night too!

Monday - Grilled cheese kabobs & tomato soup
Tuesday - Grilled lemon chicken with baked potatoes and broccoil
Wednesday - Cheesy eggs, hashbrowns, sliced pineapple and Pioneer Woman's Marmalade Muffins
Thursday - Open faced tuna melts and caesar salad
Friday - LumberJack & Jill Couples Shower!!!

Hope everyone has a good week! 


Heidi said...
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mommyholly said...

{oops, i was signed in to my momma's blogger account...using her computer this afternoon haha!!}

So glad you like the cute little paper goodies!!! I can't WAIT to see how the shower turns out, eek!!! :) And PS. I need to make those grilled cheese kabobs ASAP... my fave sandwich with tomato soup!! I think I eat like a five year old, and that's ok with me. :)
xoxox Holly

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