Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What My Nose Is In

I process life thru reading and writing...
{as if that wasn't already superlatively obvious by this here little blog!}
So, books are like crack to me.
As equally possessive and addictive as they are entertaining and tantalizing.

Books are also a great, FUN escape.
And I especially love it when those books also make me think!
I love it when sentences leap off the page and into my heart or mind.
Several excerpts from a recent Book Club book did just that.
I give you snippets of, Hot House Flower by Margot Berwin.
(all the pics are of flowers in my yard!)

When asked, by her mentor, what the heroine wants to do with her life:
"I guess I'd like to do what everyone wants to do. Have great adventures, fall in love, get rich. The usual."
He replies, "So why don't you go do those things?"

At a confusing crossroads in the heroine's life, her mentor says:
"If you can hear the quiet while being woken up by the garbage truck, you have power. If you can feel the stars when all you can see are the lights of the skyscrapers, that's power. If you can smell the forest in front of the dumpster, then you have power. Never let the events in front of you, or the people around you, tell you what to see, feel, taste, smell or hear."

What the heroine thinks when she finally leaves her safe circle:
"The moment I was spellbound by the color of the water was the moment I knew I had been in New York for too long and my decision to leave was a good one."

What the heroine is told when she starts to fall for the good looking guy, the obvious, EASY choice:
"Don't be superficial. Don't fall in love with ideas of magic and special powers and shamans' sons. Develop power for yourself, so that it's yours. Don't fall in love with what someone else has. Do the work."

And finally - being a mother of three littlies...and knowing the damage they do to their clothes on a daily basis...
What the heroine thinks after surmising the damage "really living" has had on her Ferragamo's and Gucci's:
"It was great to wear out clothes instead of throwing them away because they were no longer in fashion. It was like being a kid again - the time of life when your jeans ripped, or your body grew, and you blew through your clothes like they were made of paper."


Do you love books too?
Which one of these quotes struck you and why?
Make my day. Let's talk.
(And...please also share what you are reading. I am always looking for new books!

Want to know what I love even more than books?
Seeing these little ones love reading too!


LauraC said...

Love this and it applies to blogging:

Don't fall in love with what someone else has.

So easy to look at bloglife and feel jealous at what it seems their life is like. But it's never real life.

My Nook is loaded up with 8 books to prepare for my trip to Phoenix this week!

Jami said...

I love this "Never let the events in front of you, or the people around you, tell you what to see, feel, taste, smell or hear."
I miss reading! I do love it. These days it seems I can only get through a magazine. Happy to meet you!

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