Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Chalkboard Inspiration

I saw this on Pinterest and immediately fell in love.
If I answer this question at the beginning of each day...
and proceed to act and decide with these answers in mind....
then at the end of my day, I have lived the life I aim to.

Here's today's answers
Mind = read my book
Body = run and tan, jillian, lots of water
Spirit = begin the day in prayer and journal
Relationships = one on one convos with the kids & Mateo. Call my sister.
Creativity = clean sewing corner so i CAN create!
Passion = garden
(sunflowers, morning glories, nastursiums, cucumbers and tomatoes going in the ground today!)

What are your answers??


aPearantly sew said...

I love this! What a great thing to read each morning so you can focus on achieving each of these for the day.

Sugar Mama said...

Great idea! I just spent the better part of the afternoon working on my garden! We built a raised flower bed and husband made a nice concrete block retaining wall around it. Can't plant anything yet (still gets chilly in Nebraska in May), but will soon!

Janna said...

Love it!

MIND = doing our finances and voting today.
BODY = zumba tonight, lotsa fruit, milk, veggies, eggs, whole grains, water & fish today.
SPIRIT = prayer and Bible reading this morning.
RELATIONSHIPS = sending a card to my cousin, phone call w/ my sister.
CREATIVITY = made homemade granola bars with the babies.
PASSION = cleaning my house. ha! but seriously, i love my house and i love all the things we've found to decorate with and i love it when it's clean :)

Life With the Crazies said...

Great reminder!!!

Mind: read my book about adoption
Body: breakfast, meds, exercise
Spirit: Bible study on Hebrews
Relationships: date with my mom going to dinner and to see a play
Creativity: plan centerpieces for my brother's rehearsal dinner
Passion: Love on my kids!

Jessica Johnson said...

LOVE the color of that chalkboard frame.

mind: brush up on my geometry so i'm smarter than my 2nd grader during homework time.
body: drink more water, eat more veggies, less carbs.
spirit: pray, read the Word
relationships: send real cards
creativity: make plans to decorate our new house
passion: serving others, family first.

Allison said...

Thanks for being my inspiration to do something more then work today. You always amaze me!

Four Flights said...

Love this!
Mind = went to the library and picked up 2 books!
Body = nothing today, but yesterday rode my bike to the grocery store! gotta do something today.
Spirit = need to work on that one...
Relationships = spent the day in Syd's classroom, was there with him to work through a difficult situation.
Creativity = making a sewing list of projects. it's my first week back at home full time and I'm excited to start creating again! first project are bookmarks for Mother's Day
Passion = my blog!

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

I love it - great reminder! And I have a girl crush on your handwriting!!

Rags to Stitches said...

I love this!! Can we make one at Craft Night next week for my house.

MIND: read more books!
Body: don't allow the enemy to run me down
Spirit: Focus on the one who is Good always!
Relationships: being intentional
Creativity: Sewing, Sewing, Sewing! =)

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