Friday, June 17, 2011

Date Your Mate - Rachel Reeves

Today's Date Your Mate is a guest post by my friend, Rachel. You might know her as MrsNo17. Either way, she is a delight. Practically Perfect in every way. Or at least doing her best to be so in HIS eyes! I love Rachel's heart. I love her vintage style. I love her convictions and ability to be transparently honest. In her spare time, she co-hosts a little thing called Blog Sugar. Are you going? I AM! Come play with us! And jump on over and say HI to Rachel. She has some awesome plans this weekend.


If you are anything like my husband and I, your date nights are few and far between. Life is busy, but honestly....going out is EXPENSIVE. If we went out as much as we wished we could, we would be spending $50.00 a week. NOT happening. So, I'm forced to get creative.
Once a week, Sean and I have a date night. EVERY WEEK.
The trick?
We have an "in house" date night.
Here is the low down:
We put the kids to bed.
We change the lighting.
We change into something spiffy.
We meet, at 8pm sharp, downstairs to commence date night.
Simple as that.
The creativity comes with what the date is "about". Picking a theme is fun and finding ways to make it unique and interesting is where you are able to really flex your romance muscles.
Lately, I have been thinking a LOT about traveling. Italy, to be exact. Sean and I traveled there in 2006, but we were backpacking, so it was anything BUT romantic. We were sweaty beasts, trekking around Rome and Florence. It was a wonderful trip, but not pretty.
I was thinking, for next week's date night, I would recreate some Italian memories for us. Join us, will you?

The menu (since dinner will have already been eaten):

The drink:
An espresso to sip

The movie:
The Godfather
or maybe,
Roman Holiday

The outfit:
Pencil pants, black turtleneck, string of pearls and flats.
With red lipstick.

Extra credit:
Put some twinkle lights around the room.
Italian music playing.

Don't let the money situation get in the way of romancing your husband.
It needs to happen and it can be easier than you think!



Polka Dot Moon said...

LOVE this post! Fabulous idea!

Janna said...

Great idea! We do in house date nights all the time but I've never thought to do the theme idea (well, that's not entirely true - I made chocolate cupcakes w/ purple #4's the night we watched Brett Favre's first Vikings game:) I think Italy would make a great theme even though we've never been there!

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