Monday, June 06, 2011

There's No Place Like CHOC

Guild Presidents, Samantha Manfer and Meredith Hansen, with Dr. Louden and our five "super 
celebrities" of the evening - CHOC patients 

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So the final numbers are in from this year's CHOC Glass Slipper Guild Gala. With the help of our many donors, vendor partners, and generous patrons...the event grossed almost $320,000! The net proceeds allowed the Glass Slipper Guild to complete our one million dollar endowment to the Neuroscience Institute.  The money is going to be used in perpetuity to fund research on curing brain tumors, advancing stem cells in the treatment of terminal disease, and funding research to discover novel treatments of hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy. With the additional net proceeds, we were hoping to donate a room in the New CHOC Tower at the cost of $50,000.  Not only are we able to donate a room, but donate one at the cost of $100,000!!  The Glass Slipper Guild will be the proud name behind one of the 14 Emergency Center Urgent Care/Fast Track Exam Rooms on the First Floor.

We were able to honor a few celebrities for their support of CHOC, as well as 5 celebrities in their own right - special patients who were all given a second chance at life thanks to the care of two of CHOC Children's Neurosurgeons Dr Muhonen and Dr Loudon.
I share these numbers and movie for my family and friends who know the work that went into this event as well as my passion behind it! Thanks for your support, morally and financially, this past year. I also share these numbers and pictures to get everyone excited for the future! The Glass Slipper Guild is looking at new endowment possibilities, our New Member Social is right around the corner...and I have been slated to Co-Chair the Gala in 2012! It's a both an honor and an exciting commitment for me. One I look forward sharing with you again. 
Local or not, personal friend or not...I hope you'll watch this short video! It's just 3 minutes long. You'll get to know me a little better (can you find my 2 second shot?) and I guarantee you'll be moved by these children and the work of the Glass Slipper Guild!

Does the movie make you want to get more involved? Either as a new member, vendor partner, underwriting sponsor or Gala patron? Let me know! Together, we will make it happen.

Our guest speaker at the Gala was Ruth Schultz. That is her speaking in the middle of the movie and her voice at the end. We were honored to have her and she, although nervous beyond belief, did an amazing job! Ruth blogs about her cute husband (co-creator of Yo Gabba Gabba) her 3 rowdy boys, and her champion of a  daughter HERE. Jump over and say hello!  

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DrewB Photography said...

Great job, Erin! I was sad when I got asked to shoot the event, but wasn't available. Looks like it was an amazing success! I love CHOC (having been in there for a week when I was in 4th grade) and I also love Ruth. She's such an amazing inspiration! Keep up the amazing work!

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