Wednesday, July 20, 2011

10 days late

10 days ago, we were Mr. and Mrs. for 12 years.

10 days ago, I celebrated a gift I will always strive to be worthy of, and grateful for.

10 days ago, we had so much FUN. Together. Remembering the LIFE that has been our last twelve (15) years.

Does it get better than his smile? Our happy eyes? Him wearing a polka dot tie...just because he knows I love it? I could give you 12 X 10 reasons why I love this kid. But instead I give you this:

His love makes me more ME than my name. This picture is a smidgen of the laugh and fun that is our love. If I believed in luck, I'd say we're lucky. But I don't. I believe in FATE. And FAITH. We're meant to be.

12 to the 10th power.
I love you Mateo.
Aloe Vera forever.

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