Monday, September 19, 2011

BTR & Menu Plan Monday

The girls in the house are quite enamored with the foursome that is Nickelodeon's Big Time Rush. We watch their show, buy their CDs, sing their songs. And this Summer, we went to their sold out concert! It was a surprise for the girls, and they were jumping for joy when Matt and I asked them to come in from the pool one afternoon and read our chalkboard. Taped to it were tickets to that night's concert at our local county fair. 

Thanks to BTR tshirts, silly bands, and a very sweet friend who helped us get seats in the second row, the concert was a night to remember! Seeing my girls faces and excitement, and being able to tell the four boys up there, really loved what they were doing - it made being that close even fun for ME. During one song, Megan stood up on her chair and made a heart with her hands at Carlos (her favorite.) He saw her, flashed a smile, pointed right at her, and MADE A HEART BACK. She just about died. She and Molly were squealing with delight. BTR debuted a new song while on tour this Summer, If I Ruled The World, and part of the video was recorded live at the concert we were at. Every time it comes on TV now, the girls freak. 

My first concert was at almost 20 years I have often wondered (Miley, JoBros) if live concerts for my young girls are really appropriate. What I've learned from these nights is knowing the music my girls like and making these experiences with them...well, I think that is priceless and very appropriate.

On our table this week:
Monday - Bobby Flay's fried chicken, green salad and corn
Wednesday - Wyatt's Birthday! He has requested Pizza and a Spiderman cake for dinner.
Thursday - Swedish meatballs and steamed broccoli
Friday - Battle of the Bay! We'll eat at the game and WEAR WHITE for the whiteout. Go Newport!


Nancy said...

That looked like a fun night! I took my girls to Taylor Swift. Nose bleed seats. But, good clean fun. Good bonding time! What was your first concert? I think mine was Amy Grant when I was 15. Rager! :)

Four Flights said...

you're so good about meal planning. I need to get back on that...

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Best parents ever!

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