Saturday, September 17, 2011

Memory Lane

This week Wyatt will turn FOUR! For today's Memory Lane, I'm reposting the Birthday Letter I wrote to him on his first birthday. A mother's love never stops growing. I am always made so aware of this truth on my children's birthdays. Another year brings another 365 reasons I've fallen in love with this boy.

Three Sixty Five
originally posted September 21, 2008

Wyatt Matthew Burns - hours old
September 21, 2007

Dear Wyatt,

365. That's how many days you've been on this Earth. You've been in my life about 39 weeks longer than that. But I think you've been in my heart for as long as I can remember. I have always loved you. Always wanted you.

Today is your FIRST Birthday! I am so happy you were born. There was a time I thought I could be content with just girls. I tried to tell myself that the bond between Mother and Son was one that I did not need to know. But deep inside, my heart knew me best, and YOU won out. Your Daddy and I set out on a mission to have a BOY. When we learned you were on your way, we were so excited. And when we found out you were HIM - our family felt complete. God had granted our prayers and wishes and I couldn't have been happier.

I can't even tell you how much joy you bring to my everyday. Your 7-tooth smile, your silly giggle, your pudgy thighs... I can't get enough of you! I think my favorite is when I call "WY-ATT!" and you cock your head and shoot me a side glance and a grin. Melt my heart. I tell everyone that I have a crush on you. Want to know what is wrapped around your little finger? Yep, it's ME! You smell like a combo of syrup, baby shampoo, Bounce, and sweet baby sweat. Every time I rock you to sleep, I bury my face in your neck and take that smell in. I never want to forget it.

I have two nicknames for you: "Munchie" and "Bubba Lubs." You can be a Sandy Munchie, a Silly Munchie, and a Tired Munchie. Today Molly hollered at me: "Mom! Wyatt is a Stinky Munchie! You gotta change him!" Munchie is two fold. You are my little Munchkin and also you have always loved to eat! Your favorite foods right now are meats and vegetables. Hotdogs, ham, sausage, bacon, chicken breast, eat it all hand over fist. Carrots, green beans, broccoli, lima beans, zucchini, red bell peppers, even sauteed onions! I have yet to find a vegetable that you didn't gobble right up and then sign for MORE!

Sophisticated Mommy Speak that started out as "Baby Love," grew into "Bubby Lubbies," and is now finally "Bubba Lubs." It's what I greet you with when you wake from your nap. It always makes you scrunch up your nose and smile, while your little body stretches awake. It sometimes turns into "Bubber Lubbers," too!

You are a happy, happy baby. As long as you are fed and rested, you are content to go with the flow. Whenever you are cranky however, going outside cheers you right up! You love the outdoors. If the front or back door is open, you make a beeline for it and can just crawl around taking in the world for hours. Just yesterday you spent over an hour digging and pouring at the Sand and Water table - talking all the time to the dog and your sisters, signing at every airplane and bird that flew overhead.

Me and Wyatt - 8 months old
May 2008

Your new favorite thing is a Ball. Any ball - a football, baseball, golf ball, soccer ball. You love them all! Whenever you see one you race across the floor saying "Get! Get! Get!" At Daddy's football games you see the ball fly through the air and again, "Get! Get! Get!" The other day we were at Grammie's for dinner and she asked you if you wanted spaghetti and meatballs. You lit right up, "Get! Get! Get!" Too funny!

You also love to dance. Whenever you hear music you bob your little head or stand up and bounce on your chubby legs. You especially love to make all the lights and music go on your Leapfrog Play and Learn Table. You know how to push the buttons until "If You're Happy and You Know It" comes on. Then you stop and clap, clap, clap your hands! 

Every day I ask you to say MaMa, but only twice have you obliged! Your words so far are Daddy, dog, ball, get and GG. You know lots of sign language. Dog, milk, all done, more, airplane, motorcycle, helicopter, car, ball, bird, fan, and flower are some that you use a lot. You can stand on your own, clap your hands, wave hello and goodbye, and play "So Big!" You've yet to take a step, but it feels like you are close. Yesterday Daddy and you were playing on the bed. He was pretending to be asleep. I said "Give Daddy a Kiss Kiss and he'll wake up!" You crawled right over and planted a big wet smooch on his cheek. It's fascinating to see you listen, comprehend, and act.

There are few things that make you laugh like Megan and Molly. They can get you giggling hysterically - where no sound comes out and I have to tell them to give you a break! You love to sit in the middle of our big bed and get bounced around as your sisters jump. You roll around and try to "jump" too - even tho you are just on your knees. They love you so much and are constantly loving ON you - hugging, kissing, and carrying you around. Sometimes this gets to be too much and you scream and push them away. But I think that just makes them come back for more. You follow them around the house, doing your best to keep up on all fours. You always want to be where the action is. They are usually happy to include you in their play - and often fight over whose baby you are when they play house! Some of my happiest moments as a Mommy are when I've been occupied with the dishes or laundry or some other Mommy task - and I come upon the three of you, sitting on the floor, playing together on your own - laughing, talking, being siblings. I try to not let you see me and just watch from afar.

You also love your Daddy. When you wake in the morning, you call out Da Da Da Da over and over. When he actually comes into your room, the chanting turns into DADDY! and gets louder and faster as you jump up and down in your crib with excitement. When you hear his motorcycle coming up the driveway at the end of the day, you say DADDY! and crawl to the front door as fast as you can. Once he picks you up you just giggle with contentment.

In closing, I must tell you, I am happy to say that my love for you is not unrequited. You have the hots for me too! I feel a guilty satisfaction when sometimes nothing but Mommy will do. The instant cessation of your tears when I gather you up in my arms makes me feel so special. Irreplaceable.

Wyatt, my Bubba Lubs, I love you over the Moon. The impression you have made upon my life and heart in this one short year is so Grand! I can't imagine not having you. And now that I do, I know we were always meant to be. I look at you full of life and hope, happiness and possibility and I feel like a Queen. I made you, I grew you, I birthed you, and you are mine! Does life get any sweeter? Happiest of Birthdays my Little Man. May you continue to grow and giggle, learn and love, be and belong. In this world. In our family. In my heart. Forever.

Love, Mommy

Wyatt Matthew Burns - 12 months old
September 2008


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So sweet! Happy birthday, cutie!

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Such a sweet post from an amazing Momma!

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