Monday, September 26, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

I enjoyed a fun filled weekend with some wonderful women and attended Blog Sugar last night. It was an inspiring and fulfilling few days, to say the least! I returned home, at 2am this morning, to discover a clean house, folded laundry and a dozen red roses.

Mateo gets bonus points.
He's on the top.
Of my list.

Later this week, I hope to share a little bit of the joy - the women, the lessons, the fun - I was blessed to experience!  But for now, all I've got is a menu plan.

Monday - Wyatt's Back To School night: Shepherd's pie and buttermilk biscuits
Tuesday - Honey citrus soy salmon, coconut rice and green beans
Wednesday - Crock pot chicken tetrazzini and green salad
Thursday - Pork tenderloin, mashed red potatoes and succotash
Friday - Away football game tonight. We'll eat on the road. One recipe for Lemon cheesecake with shortbread cookie crust coming up!


{cuppakim} said...

you are probably on top of the world with all of that royal treatment! :)

Jessica Johnson said...

on. the. top. of the universe!!!!! good job, mateo. i came home to floor full of laundry and my husband drafting his SIXTH fantasy football team of the season. nothing on the top happening around here. i miss you already. such a fun weekend.

Kristen said...

what a good hubby!

so fun meeting you.

I would love your crock pot chicken tetrazzini recipe.

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

YUM!! I need the chicken tetrazinni in the crock pot recipe, please!

Denise said...

mateo rocks! had me at folded laundry.

it was great to meet you this weekend. you are deLIGHTful!

and, can i come eat at your house this week?!? pleeeaasssee.

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