Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10 on 10: October 2011

When I look back at the 10 pictures I took throughout the day, it's funny, because a lot of them are of food! But that's pretty much how a Monday is around here. Menu prep for the week ahead.

Started out the morning with greek vanilla yogurt, Kashi, and raspberries.
This is one of my go-to breakfasts.
Accompanied by a huge glass of Raspberry Emergen-C!
Every other Monday, I take a large bowl of fresh fruit to Molly's classroom for the kids to snack on all week. Molly is a fruit fiend, so I know most of this is probably going in her belly!

While we were at the store getting the fruit,
we discovered that Papa Don's "Most Wonderful Time of the Year" has arrived!

Before school I snapped this pic of Wyatt wearing one of my new creations.
He originally had it on one eye and said, 
"Look Mom, I'm a pirate!"
I think he's the perfect model for my new shop additions, don't you?!

After getting all the kids to school,
I went home and got started on my "to-dos."
Breakfast burritos topped the list. 
I make a bunch each Monday and stick them in the freezer. 
Allows for Matt to easily have a home cooked (free!)
meal when he is up before the sun.

Next, I got started on my second PinterTest Kitchen project. 
With these pretty, plastic, friends!

When the girls got home, it was homework time.
They do 30 minutes each day.
And it works best if we tackle it together right when they get home.
Well, after a snack, that is!

What ever happened to flash cards?
Honestly, she loves this.
It makes mastering Math facts like a game - and I'm all for that!

In the afternoon, the girls and I made Banana Oat muffins to take next door to our neighbor, Miss Edie.

Finally,  all three kids were invited down the street to have dinner with our neighbors. Matt was at football, so I took the opportunity to go for a run! I even got a shower in before it was time to pick them up. Funny how simple things can be such a treat when unexpected!


formerly known as emj said...

Okay so I think I need your breakfast burrito recipe. Its perfect for the hubs, instead of him eating the similar stuff at work and paying for it (he's a Starbucks manager) he could have those.

heather said...

Looks like a fabulous day!

What program are the kids using with those math flash cards? Always on the lookout for stuff like that!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Yeah for awesome neighbors!
I also LOVE that peppermint ice cream!!! YUM!

{cuppakim} said...

loving all your healthies. you are getting it! and sharing the healthies with those around you. kind of awesome.

and the smarties.
you are raising them.

and the pirate patch. i think you have a marketing genius on your hands.

Kristen said...

yeah for great neighbors! they are truly a gift.

are math facts on a website or special program? my son would be 100% more motivated to do his math facts on the computer rather than with flashcards.

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