Thursday, October 06, 2011

Let's be Pinteresting!

For those of you who "pin," I'm sure you have felt,
at one time or another,
that Pinterest was Heaven sent.
All that inspiration, motivation, and education right at your fingertips!
Neatly organized, easily accessed, beautifully cataloged.
It's easy to get caught up in the Pinterest world.
Dangerously easy.
(hello peeps, I have 46 boards.)

So easy in fact, that there are even pins about the dangers of Pinning.
All of which are downloadable, printable, and re-pinnable.
Ironic? Yep. Cleverly awesome? Yep.
These are some of my favorites.

As a bunch of us (all bloggers, bakers, crafters and pinners!) sat around Julie's dining room table a few weekends ago, this conundrum was a hot topic of conversation.

Do we love Pinterest? Yes. Can it be as intimidating as it is inspiring? Perhaps. Do we spend more time finding things to make and bake and create then we do actually making and baking and creating them? Sometimes.

What we all agreed upon was that Pinterest is the best when we actually put it to use. When we bring to life - turn the virtual into tangible - all the awesomeness we've been pinning, that is when Pinterest is more of a blessing than a curse. And that's what we all want.

In true form, Julie made an awesome printable that summarized these sentiments.
(Using fonts and tutorials she found on Pinterest, of course!)

And today, Jess launched The PinterTest Kitchen!

A once a month linky party where you actually put Pinterest to use and let us all know how it turned out!
Was that 2 ingredient muffin recipe really as tasty as it looked?
Was that clothespin card wreath as functional as it was cute?
Can you really just "dump" 4 ingredients into a pan and call it a day?
I coulda used $1 worth of school supplies to make something I spent $12 on at Pier1?

Thank you Jessica! Your PinterTest Kitchen idea is fantabulous.
I think I might even have to pin your Test Kitchen button.
Oh yes, and actually MAKE something.

My entry for this month's PinterTest was Salted Caramel Cheesecake.

Because I have an entire pin board dedicated to just cheesecakes.
Unfortunately, I will have to update this post tomorrow.
As the taste testing has to wait to commence until after the game tonight.
The baking was easy tho.
Here's hoping the eating will be as good!

PS - this is me and Jess at Blog Sugar. 2 minutes into our 48 hours together and we were loving, laughing, teasing, playing, and chatting like the long lost, catty sisters that we are. LOVE her. Her heart, her faith, her adorable girls, her church, her love for her husband, and her fiesty, funny spirit. And you will too. She's! So Pinteresting.

Do you pin?
If yes, put that pin into production!
Can't wait to see what else people are doing!


Jessica Johnson said...

did you whiten my teeth in that picture? because i love you 500 times more now. if that's even possible. and GREAT post!!! i should have had you do my intro. and how about you bring some of that cheesecake up north? tomorrow.

{cuppakim} said...

agreed with jessica. if you bring me a slice of that cheesecake i'll give you my card wreath.

the whole thing.

you can have it.

just one slice.

i love that pinterest is coming to life! Jess is a genius isn't she?

Nancy said...

Love the concept. I am actually wearing an outfit I copied from one of my Pinterest boards. Total copy-cat. When I get back to cooking, I need to start this. Love it! Cheesecakes? Yum. I have a pie page. Sweet minds think a like! :)

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

YUM! Jess had the best idea ever with PinterTest kitchen!! I need to link up next month!

Ingrid @ said...

love this post. so sad i didn't meet you @ blog sugar.

this whole pinterest thing made me now i'm hosting a pinterest party on the 17th! you're welcome to come! we live in mesa verde costa mesa. i'm justing trying my best to get out of the rut of pinning and actually making something.

really love your it every day!

Kristen said...

the cheesecake looks divine. i hope it tasted as good as it looks. yummy!

pinterest should hire you to do their advertising. you did a great job describing its wonderfulness!!!

i am so excited to be doing instead of just pinning.

Elizabeth said...

LOVE this idea Erin! I can't wait to play along! Thanks for sharing!

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