Monday, October 03, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Good Morning!  Clean slate, new engery, 7 days ahead pregnant with possibility and potential. it weird I kinda love Mondays? Feeling very inspired this morning by yesterday's sermon (you can get the podcast HERE.) Our pastor challenged us to live life as an "Unexpected Grace Giver" - as Jesus, thru his Salvation, gracefully pardoned us FOR something...not just FROM something. Love that! How can we be  Unexpected Grace Givers this week? I've been thinking on it.

Here's what will be on our table this week:

Monday - Pizza in a pot with caesar salad
Tuesday - Teriyaki chicken with rice and broccoli
Wednesday - Pulled pork sandwiches with corn and coleslaw
Thursday - TK Burgers at the football game
Friday - Crock pot mac & cheese with ham steaks and green beans

The plan is to make this cheesecake for Thursday's game.
Don't faint.

And I thought I'd use Mondays to report on my Hardest Step challenge until I finish! 

According to my goal/commitment, I should be at 14.4 miles completed as of Sunday. I took Friday off, but ran a little extra other days, which resulted in 13.3 miles completed as of last night. So I'll need to make up a mile this week! It has been great to get back to running. I finally, last night, felt like my body remembered what to do. Matt and the kids have been super supportive - even joining me on my run one afternoon. Awesome side effects? I've almost eliminated Diet Coke from my daily beverages (it honestly doesn't taste good lately) and have been making way better food choices, both in terms of what I eat and how much I eat.  And...I've been sleeping better! I haven't lost any weight, but rather than get discouraged about the scale, I've decided to focus on how I feel and the fact that I've stuck to my goal - getting out there and pounding the pavement 5 out of 6 days last week. And rather than get discouraged about how out of shape and SLOW I've allowed myself to get, I've decided to focus on the fact that, even slow, I'm still trying. Giving myself some Unexpected Grace. 


{cuppakim} said...

vanilla salted caramel cheese cake? YEAH, please! :)


also you are a running rockstar. you are like prefontaine or something like that.

i had to take a few days off because of some serious foot pain - but my plan is to hit the pavement tonight! you know i'll tweet it!

can't wait to see yours! :)

Janna said...

Gorgeous picture!

Great job running again! Can't wait to hear about your progress next week :)

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Holy mother, that cheesecake looks ridiculous!! Your whole menu looks amazing. PS - you look super gorgeous!

Marta @ Haus of Girls said...

keep it up Erin!
I'm proud of you!!!
Stick with it. The first few weeks getting back in the groove are tough. I have a whopping 3 miles since I started your 111 mile challenge since I was a sicky cat last week. One day at a time!

Jessica Johnson said...

um so. for next week's menu plan monday... can tues or wed be dinner with us. and bring that cheesecake. miss you, friend!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

oh my word...that cheesecake looks Ah-mazing!!! And, what is pizza in a crock pot?!?! Sounds should link it up to my crock-tober linky next week!!!
And, so proud of you for your running!!!! You GO GIRL!

Kristen said...

i agree that cheesecake looks amazing... yummy!

the crock pot mace and cheese looks divine... perfect for a cool rainy day where comfort food is a must.

yeah for running! you are doing so great. i love your perspective. i saw something the other day that said it doesn't matter how fast you run a mile its the fact that you ran a mile. you are farther ahead of the people on the couch. i am still not mentally ready to tackle to road. i want to badly but i need to get over the hurdle. i know if i get in a groove it won't be so painful. you are inspiring!

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