Monday, November 07, 2011

Menu Plan {HAPPY!} Monday

Good Morning! I'm feeling a bit like a chicken with my head cut off today. Mondays are always a bit like this for me...but today has already been a doosey. I'm still hopeful to get it all done.

Here is what will be on our table this week:

Monday - Grilled steaks, green beans and baked potatoes
Tuesday - Cilanto lime crock pot chicken tacos with black beans
WednesdayCrock pot beer braised beef with steamed rice and balsamic broccolette
Thursday - White chicken chili and green chile cornbread - Last League Football Game!! (NH is in the playoffs...but if we win tonight, we could be tied for League Champs!) 
Friday - Mateo's Birthday!! No set plans other than 48 hours of just the two of us. I CAN'T WAIT!!

The plan is to make this Coconut Lime cheesecake for Friday's game. But I am going to add a layer of key lime curd between the crust and cream cheese filling! 

The Hardest Step Challenge update

So...I've stopped keeping track of my miles. I will still total them all up on the 11th, but I'm not tracking them everyday. I wont hit 111, like I planned, but I've been running regularly, and have even gone on a few five milers in the past 2 weeks. I've also committed to running the Surf City Half Marathon on February 5th with some girlfriends. So I feel like I am back to my "running self" and I love that!! Since I started this challenge, I've lost 16LBS. Which is awesome. And very motivating in itself. I am also loving the "Daily Mojo" I've created for myself over on Tumblr. It really helps me to keep this one new picture or mantra in my head each day. It makes my commitment seem fresh and do-able - FOR THAT DAY - and that's exactly what will get me where I want to be. A bunch of days added up! Some of you have graciously shared with me, that my openness about this challenge in my life has inspired/motivated you to get back on track and once again take that "hardest step" as well. I can't even tell you HOW AWESOME that makes me feel! And how motivating it is to know that you are out there "choosing what it best" each day too. So thank you for sharing with me. It means more than you know!

Finally - all week the kids and I will be participating in the

It is an amazing thing, started by two of my friends, both of whom have hearts of gold. There is a new project complete with a cute printable each day! HERE'S today's. Check it out and spread some SUNSHINE with us!! As far as this Cali girl is concerned, you can never have too much Sunshine. I'll be posting a couple re-cap posts of our family and how we participate in the projects later this week!

Happy Monday! 


Allison said...

You picture just cracked me up! As crazy as you look in that picture know that you are looking AMAZING! All of your little changes are really paying off. Is it okay that i am counting the days until the 17th?

amaya said...

You look super cute for being a chicken with her head cut off ;)

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