Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pinterest for the WIN!

This morning, the kids had a photo shoot with my friend, Britain Earl.
I'm crossing my fingers a Christmas card picture is somewhere in the lot.
It was a last minute thing. 
Booked it yesterday.

(Britain and I went to high school together. She lives in AZ now and is a photographer. She came home for Thanksgiving and was offering "mini sessions" in Orange Circle today for hometown friends and family. I was excited to see her and to have her "shoot" my kids!)

Anyhow...Once Britain and I had connected and confirmed time and place, I had about 16 hours to throw something together.
And we all know, I can't just put the kids in plaid shirts and call it a day. 
(This is when my love of Pinterest is both a blessing and a curse!)
Because in my mind, and on my pinboard,
I had envisioned props, poses, accessories.
How many of them could I possible bring to life in 16 hours?

You'd be surprised. 
With a little late night crafting and some awesome, last minute luck at H&M...
This morning's shoot turned out just about as perfect as if I had spent 6 months on it.
(Which I have been known to do!)

So next time you see me pinning a Christmas card idea in July, 
Or a cute holiday headband in May, 
THERE IS A POINT to it all!
It really does help me "pull it all together" in a flash and on a budget.

Here's a few of the Pinterest WINS from yesterday.

I pinned this headband about 2 months ago.
I knew whenever it came time to take our family pics again, I wanted one of the girls to wear something like it.

Last night I did my best to recreate it...with materials I had on hand.
An old tshirt, some felt, and some beads.
It turned out cute! MollyB wore it this morning and looked FAB.

It also inspired me to embellish the fedora Megan wore.

In the Summer I saw a bunch of pins on how to tip dye your own hair.
I knew, at some point, the girls would LOVE to do this, and so I repinned.

Last night, I clicked that pin, went to Michaels for the pastels
(pack of 24 for only $4.49 after a 40% off coupon!)
plugged in the curling iron and hoped for the best.
It was EASY and looked adorable! 
Needless to say, MollyB's curls don't hurt the cuteness factor.
We are obsessed with this and will definitely be doing it again!

(if you try this, be sure and buy the OIL pastels, not the chalk kind. They are like waxy, brick crayons. AND...the wax got all over the palm of my hand, but came off easily with eye makeup remover)

Finally, I pinned this shot almost 7 months ago.
I loved the wagon. The carefree smile on the kid's face in the wagon. The backs of the kids pulling the wagon.
Anyhow...I knew whenever we took pics again...
I wanted a WAGON!

And so, a wagon I got.
Mateo graciously dug it out from behind our house this morning and scrubbed it clean of leaves and rainy day muck.
I added some Christmas cheer...and again, Pinterest for the win!

You may remember a while back I posted about Less Pinning and More Doing

Well...I'm not sure I am pinning any less.
But I am definitely doing more. 
And that makes me happy!!
What have you been pinnning/doing lately?

Linking up with Jess today.
Cause 3 PinterTests in one post = it's okay I'm 3 weeks late!


mel @ the larson lingo said...

SO much awesomeness in one post!!! Can't WAIT to see your family photos!!!

{cuppakim} said...

you are crazy ambitious. and i love it.
i love that it was all a success.
and this colored hair tips seems INCREDIBLE.

and the wagon vision.

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