Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Playing Catch Up

Good Morning! WOW! Last week was the busiest week ever! Jam packed with FUN, of course. But still a little chaotic. So much so, I never blogged. But that's okay, right? I spent the first part of the week running crazy between Shady Canyon, CA (where the Gala will take place) and Forks, WA (if you don't know, I wont trouble you.) Figuratively speaking of course. I wasn't really in Shady Canyon or Forks. But creatively, I was! Energy wise, I was! And oh boy, celebration wise, I WAS!! This is an Instagram pic I posted last Monday of the crazy that was my kitchen table getting ready for all the fun ahead.

If you ran across me anytime in the past week,
I probably looked a little like this.

Cause Tuesday, my co-chair and I passed out "sneak peek treats" to every member in the Guild to get them excited for the Gala. We have a little more than 5 months to raise the money to pay for an event we hope raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for CHOC Children's. Committee sign ups happened that night, and we wanted everyone pumped to hit the ground running and get to work! Kristen and I also had two other meetings last week with vendors discussing entertainment, food, flowers and a few other fun surprise elements! It's gonna be a lot of work, but I am so excited to see it all come together. 

And if you ran across me anytime in the past week,
I probably looked a lot like this.

Cause I'd pretty much been waiting for last Thursday for an entire year! My Breaking Dawn Pre-Premiere party was a blast. For one, my sister and Denise came to town! And for two, the movie...Well, I'll save that for another post. Cause I'm still processing. I will say, my girl crush on KStew intensified when she walked the "black carpet" in a beaded gown and Converse. LOVE.

Um....Denise was here for 2 days - and we NEVER TOOK A PICTURE TOGETHER!! Whaaaaat? Cause we're lame like that. Actually - I just ran her ragged party prepping. And she never missed a beat or complained once. And she slept in Muchie's bed. (The one that still has a bed rail on it.) So I pretty much owe her a huge thank you and more. We had so much fun together, and it wouldn't have been the same without her here. She even endured dinner with my crazy family on Friday night and a playoff football game!! I love her. So much. 

The weekend wrapped up with Gregg Family Dinner celebrating the next time we'll all be together again in paradise! We feasted on Kauai inspired food and drinks and got a little rowdy playing Left, Right, Center! Dolla Bills make us crazy. It's a tradition.

(my Daddy and modelicious sister)

(MollyB playing mix master with Uncle Charlie)

(the gang!)

Oh yeah. And somewhere in the middle of all that, I attended 3 Parent/Teacher conferences, my washing machine overflowed into my carpeted garage....and we had to replace the front bathroom toilet. Craziest week ever. Murphy's. Law.

I'm happy to report that all traces of Vampires and Werewolves have left Casa Burns...at least for the next 359 days. Full BD re-cap post coming soon! My friend, Julie, was gracious enough to take all the pics that night with her rad camera and professional skills...I can't wait to see them!

For now, I'm turning my attention to Turkeys and Pies and Potatoes.
5 days of vacation with nothing to do and no where to be.


{cuppakim} said...

you have been bizzzy!!
all with awesome amazing incredible stuff.

a little fluff.
and a little serious.

can't believe you have time to text me all these ridiculous conversations amidst the chaos.

flooding a carpeted garage.
ooooh, SOOO no thanks to that. yuck.

Mainly a midwife said...

Sounds like one crazy week! Glad you survived. Your premiere party sounded fun. I enjoyed your Instagram shots of the swag you were making. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Sounds like an insanely busy, insanely awesome week! Wish I could have been there!!

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