Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Give Water. Win Stuff. Happy Day.

Are you ready to build another well together? 
It's exciting to watch the donations come in and know that all over, people are choosing WATER.
Such an easy way to make a life changing difference.
Think of how just $10 can give one person water for ten years. 
Then think of how you can donate.
Give up your coffee, your bagel, your manicure...
Forgo a gift or two and give water instead.
We even have a pretty printable on our Facebook page to assist you in just that!! 

So...here is how it works:
Each $10 donation made on Project 320's campaign page is good for one entry into one giveaway.
{you can enter my giveaway, or any of the giveaways that are linked up below}
To enter, just leave a comment on the giveaway post you want to win.
If you donate $20, leave 2 separate comments. $30 = 3 separate comments, etc.
You'll have until Sunday, December 18 at 9pm (pacific time) to enter.

I am giving away a bundle of my Favorite Things.

Rags To Stitches Boutique e-reader snuggie

31 Bits necklace

Mommy Holly gift tags

These really are some of my favorite things. I have given 2 snuggies as gifts (thinking I must gift myself one soon!) They are as soft and well made as they are colorful and useful. And anyone who knows me - has seen me don 31 Bits more often than not, has probably been given a gift with a Mommy Holly tag on it, and knows I live in my rainbow of AFD rosette earrings. (My girls do too! That's Megan in the picture above.) I promise you'll love these things too! 

Want an even bigger incentive to buy water?
Julie has offered up some "extra treats" for those of you moved to go the extra mile!

With a $30 donation you will give three people clean water.
Plus two giftable, happy, lovely and joyful, 8x10 printables.
As well as three entries to the prize bundle or bundles of your choice.

With a $60 donation, you will give six people clean water.
The happy printables.
Plus a versatile Days Until countdown sign (shipping included).
As well as six entries to the prize bundle or bundles of your choice.

With a $120 donation, you will give one dozen people clean water.
The happy printables.
Plus a rainbow set of ten Pretty.Messy. flower pins.  Ten for you?  Or ten gifts...
As well as twelve entries to the prize bundle or bundles of your choice.

Be sure and visit all the wonderful, beautiful people hosting giveaways benefiting Project 320!
Visit each giveaway by clicking the thumbnails below.
After you have donated, send a screenshot or forward your Charity Water receipt to

project320blog {at} gmail dot com.

Thanks for your heart to help.
To share what you have to save and change lives!!


LauraC said...

I want your bundle! Awesomeness.

jenshockley said...

Love it! comment #1

jenshockley said...

... and comment #2. :)

Meg said...

Thanks! Love it!
Entry #9 of 12

Meg said...

#10 of 12

Amy said...

A beautiful bundle you got there, friend! ;-) This is entry #5 of 6 for me. Such an honor to donate this year! XO BTW, my donation name is under my maiden name {Amy Anspach} Thx!

Michaela@Life With the Crazies said...

Here's my entry! Love this cause, so so important!

mrs.krull {at} hotmail.com

Jennifer said...

Such a great cause. Thanks for all you're doing!
This is entry #1 of 3.

Kristen said...

fun stuff friend!

entry #2 of 6

Kristen said...

entry #3 of 6

mel @ the larson lingo said...

LOVE your bundle!!!! YEAH for Water!!!!!! Entry #6

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