Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Radically Effected

Ever meet someone who radically effects the way you live your life?
My friend Julie is one of those people to me.
Julie's heart is crazy big and beautiful.
Ever since we've been friends, each and every inch of her makes me smile.
And want to be a better person.

Do good.
See beauty.
Make memories.
Serve people.
Live the {small} moments.

She's funny, a bit of an insomniac, knows how to use power tools, and hates clowns but loves Star Wars. She puts cupcakes in mason jars and covers everything with chalkboard paint, burlap, starfish and rainbows. I mean, who wouldn't want to be more like Julie?

Jump over to her blog today to check out some fabulous EXTRAS you will receive when you buy water this week. Julie was the original heart behind Project 320 three Christmases ago. Thanks to her friendship and vision - so many (you, me,WE) have been able to be a part of something that is JOY + HOPE wrapped up in water. GOOD to the core. (aka Julie to the core.) So many have been radically effected. 

If you keep reading...which you will cause her blog and kids and house are too adorbs not to get sucked in...you'll probably stumble on certain cookie recipe I'm up to my eyeballs in today.

Making 5 dozen of these for tonight's 5th Annual Cookie Exchange.
(okay, really I only need 4 dozen, but calculating for a few to somehow disappear in the process!)

Now go.
Meet Julie.
Buy some water.
Make some cookies.
Radically effect the people you can...every day...with GOOD.

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