Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cocktail Dresses and Tyler Florence

Supper Club is this weekend. Courtney is hosting and she's picked a really fun theme for her night. Given the facts that it's the start of a new year and the seven of us require zip of an excuse to put on a cocktail dress...Courtney has deemed this Saturday night "New Years Eve Part Deux." (I'm pretty sure most of us rang in 2012 in sweats with our this is sooooo apropos.) Her requirements are two fold: (1) Make something inspired by the fabulous Tyler Florence and (2) Come super sparkly.

Super Sparkly?
That's like, my Wednesday (in my fantasies.)
So you can imagine I've been having some fun anticipating this event.
And's an event.

It's my turn to bring an I will be making THIS.

Artichoke Fritters with Meyer Lemon Salt.
Every word in the description is pure Heaven, no?

Meyer Lemon.

Once I came upon it, it was a no brainer.

Moving onto the super sparkly requirement...
I will be wearing THIS.

Thanks to Rent The Runway.
What's Rent The Runway?...oh just an awesome little place that allows normal people like you and me to attend a party in Badgley Mischka. Or Prada. Or Zac Posen.
For pennies.

Okay, well...not really pennies.
But certainly NOT the thousands that Nordies charges.
My favorite part?
You get to select your event type:
and then select your date of event and size...
and a slew of appropriate dresses pop up at your fingertips.

It's kinda like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory for the fashionably obsessed.
Or the fashionably challenged, really.
It works for everyone.
Check it out.
And find a reason to be Super Sparkly ASAP.
Perhaps Wednesday is a good excuse?


Michaela@Life With the Crazies said...

Ummm... those look DELISH! What a fun Wednesday!

Kristen said...

that dress is fabulous! i can't wait to see pics.

a shop that rents fancy dresses... that is just pure genius.

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