Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10 on 10

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month. My friend, Melissa, is a rockstar at 10 on 10. I read her posts each month and think, "I gotta do that...it's so fun! and real! and in the moment!" So today is the day. AND....I'm gonna try live blogging. Ever done it? Heard of it? My firend, Love, does it and I always enjoy her posts so much. Thanks to Blogpress on my iPhone, it's actually kinda easy (Apple pretty much makes everything easy, IMO.) So here we go....
10 on 10
Rise and shine. Mateo left for a surf competition at 5:30 this morning. Ever since, me & Munch have been snuggling and watching Pink Panther. Now it's time to rally. Moves Like Jagger always gets him outta bed! Bring in the dairy delivery, pour the girls their favorite cereal, and touch base with my Time Suck for a few minutes before I have to ignore it til midday. That's me right now...Be back in a bit!
Girls are off to school. Wyatt doesn't go today. Just found out my daycare kids are taking a sick day, so it's just me & Munch! We might have to meet Daddy for lunch....right now I'm eating breakfast. Eggs scrambled with turkey and green onions. As well as working on my Top Six and some new Chalkboard Inspiration! See ya...
So...had some fun queuing up Tumblr posts for the day. Packages for the post office are packed. And my one Diet Coke for the day already consumed...mighta jumped the gun on that one! Mateo texted to say they won! Beat our across the bay rivals. And yes, that's who you think it is as my screen saver. Not my kids. Not my husband. Nope. KStew to the rescue. Now I'm waiting on a certain someone to finish his business so we can run some errands! This is me...right now.
So...did you know it's a federal offense to take pictures inside a post office? Yeah. Me neither. Got a nice reprimand from the guy at the window. Me, right now? Erin Burns : Fugitive. Munch was munchable and helpful as ever, so he got to buy a Yoda card. Jenni - don't faint! Your yellow chevron fabulousness is finally in the mail! And ick. My nails need help. That might have to happen during naptime today...

Right now...we are at Daddy's classroom eating lunch. Burger King at Wyatt's request. I love that we live across the street and can crash Matt's 30 minute break any given weekday. I also love that we live across the street so all of his bug collections and live reptiles can live in his classroom year round (they used to "Summer" at Casa Burns...eeewww.) But I love most that Matt loves his job and his students love him. The classroom is presently full of kids who chose to come in and eat lunch with him. Mostly his surf kids...but some others too. Did you have a high school teacher you wanted to spend your lunch break with? I didn't. 

Right now...there is a quiet house, two full bellies, and one tired boy and Momma! Laying down with Munch in his room for a bit. He's usually out cold for a couple hours. Girls carpool home from school today, and I'm done with my AM minimums and Top Six! So its time for some me time = this month's book club pick. About halfway through and it's a trip. Discussion should be good!
Full house right now. Girls are working on homework at the dining room table while I'm on the computer creating an invite. Mateo is lost in Panem as well. I asked him if Katniss and Peeta had been "sent back in" yet and he almost ripped my head off. I guess he wasn't quite to that part yet. Whoops! Was able to capture my #JanPhotoADay shot as Munch slept. Childhood = Naps.
Three little birds sat on my window...and I killed them all with one stone. Right now dinner is marinating, TV is off and reading time is happening early since I have a meeting tonight and I'm remedying my nail polish ickiness. Oh yes, and I'm live blogging. Four birds. Multi-tasking at its finest.
Right now...I'm at a GSG Board of Directors meeting. Love these women and their hearts! We have a loooong agenda tonight. Thank goodness for some Chardonnay. Kristen and I are sharing some fun Gala updates as well as a sneak peek of last Saturday's photo shoot with our CHOC kids. This is my 3rd of 4 Gala planning meetings this week alone. Lots of hours going into this event...but it's worth it. 

Home again, home again. One Republic in my ears. Tomorrow's blog post at my fingertips. A plan of attack for my day ahead already in place. This has been fun! But right now...I'm kissin' y'all goodnight and finding Mateo for some snuggles. Sweet Dreams. That is 10 on 10.


Ashley said...

LOVE the way you're doing this!!!!
Such a great idea!!!
Can't wait to check back in a little bit :)

Alissa Circle said...

Heart you!!!

{cuppakim} said...

i love this post. every couple hours i'd check in and stalk you....i mean see what you were up to. :)

i was way jeal of your diet coke this AM.
wishing i had one with me.

why does your blogger have more options than mine?!!

fun day friend.
love all your collages.
you are truly a TSG.

{live.a.life.of.love} said...

seriously. you're a rockstar & multi tasking machine! love the 10 on 10. happy wednesday to you!

Briana@SweetCGrace said...

Stopping over from Angry Julie's blog - super cute 10 on 10! Love all the pics! And those postal workers will get you! They can be mean, haha!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Love your take on this!!! So fun!! You had such a productive day...you go girl!

Kristen said...

i lovey love love the live blogging. i loved checking in throughout the day to see what you were up to... so much fun!

you had a very full/busy day my friend. wowza!

totally working on an excel spreadsheet with am/pm minimums for me and one for the kids. i am going to laminate them. kids is going up in their in bathroom and mine down in the kitchen. i am getting ready to do my top six when i am done catching up on blogs. thanks for the tips!

i did have a HS teacher i'd eat lunch with. my spanish teacher my senior year. she was amazing. i seriously still think about her sometimes and wonder where she is today. we all adored her. she was the best! so cool that matt has that relationship with his students.

are you doing a HG premiere party??

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