Monday, January 09, 2012

Menu Plan Monday - 316

I can't post today without commenting on the Bronco game. All week long, all anyone could talk about was how the kid can't pass. That his confidence was shaken. I must of heard 900 different commentaries on Sports Center about "Tebow's Troubles." Then, yesterday, he shows up and not only did the kid PASS, but  he threw for over 300 yards with no picks and ran for a touchdown. Only other QBs to do that in the postseason, Super Bowl era are Joe Montana and Aaron Rogers. To top it off, the Broncos won in overtime due to his touchdown PASS and Tebow PASSED for 316 yards with 10 completions. Wait...did you get that?


That's all I've got to say about that. Other than, if you get the chance, read his book. His upbringing (home schooled by Christian missionary parents,) his faith, his desire to be judged so that he can set an example, and his work ethic in order to earn the platform he's all awesome. Whether or not you like the Broncos, or even football for that matter, I think you'll find you like Tim Tebow. For now...I'm gonna enjoy this win for a few more days before I start worrying about Saturday and Mr. Bundchen.

Moving on....
Early December I went to a "Farm to Feast" with some of my girlfriends. Our hostess, Kim - a European trained chef and food lover turned stay at home mom - entertained, taught and fed us for over two hours in her home with local, fresh, organic, seasonal ingredients. It was a relaxing lunch, with some of my BFFs, that inspired me in so many ways.

For one, I've started drinking hot tea all because Kim served THIS with fresh fruit and nuts as we first arrived and she started cooking. Two, I don't abhor fennel anymore. Kim served it roasted with butternut squash and a little salt and pepper. It tastes totally different roasted - comforting and a tad sweet. Three, the Burns family has started having Board Dinners.

What are Board Dinners? Well...basically it's a bunch of yumminess served up on a wooden board and everyone gets to take what they want. Kim told us she makes Board Dinners about once a week for her family using whatever is in the fridge. There might just be one bite of somethings...and an abundance of others. But the choices are always simple and snack worthy, fresh and fun!

What I loved most about the concept of Board Dinners was that Kim uses these nights to introduce a seasonal food to her kids that they might not normally eat. Like the roasted fennel (heck...I wasn't even sure I wanted to eat it!) or fresh persimmons (another thing I thought I didn't like. Try one with a little fresh squeezed lemon juice and sea salt...oh yes.)

When it's on the board, and the kids can take as little or as much as they like, the "something new" doesn't seem so intimidating. According to Kim - her kids are now avid fans of all sorts of funky, seasonal, farm fresh stuff. And I believe her. Cause now I like fennel and persimmons. 

So, like I said. We do Board Dinners now. Usually on Family Friday nights. And it's really been fun. I started off kinda simple, easy...nothing more exotic than marinated artichoke hearts. Albeit the popcorn was the most popular...the entire concept was a huge success! Perhaps because we let the kids slide the "kid table" over in front of the TV and watch Captain America during dinner...but that's what Family Friday nights are all about, right? Kim had awesome, individual cedar board planks for each family member...which I've totally added to my wish list. But for now...I just pull our wooden cutting board out of of the wall and served everything up on it!

Here's what will be on our table this week:

Monday - Build your own pizzas with TJ's whole wheat crust (kids request!) and green salad
Tuesday - Honey citrus soy salmon with steamed rice and green beans
Wednesday - Turkey taco salad and quesadillas
Thursday - Baked dijon chicken, cauliflower mashed potatoes and caesar salad
Friday - Board Dinner - try it! Let me know how it goes. I think you'll love it!


bread,butter and the olive said...

How fun to read - I love what you wrote ;) and am so happy you like board meals! I feel honored to get a shout out on your board.
*hope to see you soon*

Tessa said...

We love Tim Tebow! We are not necessarily Broncos fans, but we were cheering so loud yesterday as they beat the Steelers ... what an incredible game! My son is a football player and my husband a coach ... and he is definitely a role model I am glad that my son is looking up to ... God certainly shining down on him!

Michaela@Life With the Crazies said...

Love the board dinner idea! My family would love this (and so would I, sounds like a great way to use every last little bit and not be wasteful!) Can't wait to try it!

{} said...

Tebow... can i have him? ;)

Kristen said...

we haven't done a board dinner before but we've done a bowl. we have rice and then pile on whatever leftovers we have in the fridge. i am totally doing to do board dinner on saturday for the game. it will be perfect!

i love tebow! i can't wait for this weekend. whoop!! so fun having another friend who is such a fan!

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