Friday, February 10, 2012

10 on 10 :: February

I's time for 10 on 10...which means I'm LIVE blogging again today. Hopefully I won't saw off my own arm before I'm done. I got a new cast and it's a beast...wait til you see. Right now I'm turning on the shower for the girls, bringing in the dairy delivery, making coffee cake and eggs for breakfast and blaring JessieJ. Her Domino is bubblegum + glitter + pop + pink = annoyingly addictive pavement pounding perfection. Being that I can't run right's extra annoying!! But definitely gets the kitchen pumping this time of day.

Right now Munch and I are treating ourselves to bagels cause i forgot to turn on the Coffee Cake didn't cook in time! Duh. Anyone else addicted to Lemon Pepper? I can't get enough. I put it on everything...but especially my bagel. Loving our forecast today. 70 degrees by noon. Glorious!!

Right now I'm trying to decide if i want to tackle one handed showering and hair drying in the next hour. I got my old cast off, stitches out and new X-rays yesterday. Followed by a new, ginormous cast!! I thought my old one was cumbersome...this one is bigger and much more restrictive. I will say however, my thumb cannot move at all, which is good because i was starting to get antsy in the other one and would attempt to bend it...and then I could FEEL the pins inside. Gross!! 3 more weeks in this cast, then surgery to remove the pins, then another cast for 2 weeks. Drink your milk peeps!! Is it weird I find stitches and scars sexy? And the X-ray picture makes me feel way more badass than I ever imagined I'd be...Sexy and Badass in a Haute Blue cast? Yes...let's spin it like that. Cause I'm gonna be showerless for the next month.

right now I'm at Wyatt's preschool because it's his share day. I think he brought one of everything. Happy Meals for lunch is a share day special that's where we are headed next!

Right now I'm snuggling next to a snoring Munch and reading a fun book written by a blogging friend! So proud of her. It just went for sale on Amazon this week. YA fiction, female narrator, set in SoCal...Check it out!

This radness is how we are starting the weekend!!

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Polka Dot Moon said...

Live blogging?! You are soooo RAD!

Heather G. said...

Super sexy and badass!!

Amy said...

Love the live blogging! So much fun!

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