Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Waking Up to Routine

It feels good to have some energy, and time, to do the things that I want to do. Don't get me wrong...I loved planning this year's Gala and really had fun with it - all the hours and details, meetings and decisions - I really did. But to get it done, some of the other things I love to do got pushed to the back burner. Things like sewing and reading and menu planning and blogging.

Now that I've taken a few days to decompress. And READ (Three books in three days.) And rest...I'm busting at the seams. I'm thinking back on all the things that have happened that I haven't been able to document or share...and I'm a beast of blogging energy. I sit down to type and it's a little like this....


Whoa. It's like waking up fully rested. Or that light-headed, tingling runner's high that usually hits me around mile 5. Yeah...I'm ready to feel that again too. Baby steps.

Yesterday I browsed cook books, my favorite food blogs, and Pinterest to menu plan for the week.
Then I went grocery shopping by myself.
(but there's something wrong when a solo trip to the grocery store is a wonderment)
Then I came home and prepped lunches and snacks for the week.
And made cute little notes to tuck in the girls boxes.

Ahhh...I'm excited to get back to routine. An unexpected side effect to being Gala Chair? Realizing that what I used to see as regular, old, and boring is actually just exactly right, perfect, and where it's at. Thankful for that, today. Thankful also, for a wonderfully helpful and understanding husband who has made these last few months do-able.

Here's what will be on our table this week:

Monday - Kids went to see The Avengers with Daddy while I read on the couch.
Tuesday - Chicken stir fry and fresh pineapple
Wednesday - Spinach and sausage pasta with salad
Thursday - Halibut with spring pea risotto
Friday - Chicken lime soup and quesadillas

Now that Gala is over, I've also had time to return to some of my "routine" obsessions:

1. Hart of Dixie - sooooo not happy with rebounding George right now. And can't believe it's already the Season FINALE....but sweet bananas if Wade didn't look good dripping wet. Seriously Zoe...Wade. Pick WADE. Leave George to his sourpuss.


2. Kristen Stewart - oh my stars with this girl. Between KCA, SWATH trailers, Coachella, Leno & Kimmel, and the Met Ball - I almost fainted catching up. That was too much too fast. For me. In what universe is it legal to have legs like this? I just cannot. And this trailer? It's like the air gets sucked outta me.


3. Books - Insurgent was way fun. I'm kinda obsessed with Tris and her badass, takes risks self. I love how Roth's books read at a griping pace. And I find the non-existence of a love triangle soooo refreshing in a YAF...even if Tris + Four did stress me out a bit this time around. There were a good 3, no 4, twists I did not see coming in this book. And there were a couple scenes where I literally thought to myself "I cannot believe that just happened." Love that. It's gotten to the point that I walk around trying to decide what Faction people I know would be in. You've been warned. Can we stop for one moment to appreciate the fact that Roth is 23. And Tweets. And uses words like 'flails'...I knew I loved her. Congrats Veronica, on all your success!

Favorite Quote - "It reminds me why I chose Dauntless in the first place: not because they are perfect, but because they are alive. Because they are free."

Destined - Also fun. Wrapped up all the loose ends and Laurel finally chooses between David & Tam. But the middle lagged a little. Maybe it's all the back history needed to explain the resolution. I enjoyed Chelsea a lot more in this book. She reminded me of Jessica in Twilight..and I find Jessica comic perfection. In the end, there were some good twists and a life threatening final battle where everyone has to take a stand. Finally, David's letter in the very, very end...wrecked. So sad.

^ my exact reaction

Favorite Quote - "Sometimes we're so busy looking at one thing, that we can't see anything else. Maybe it's time to...look around."

Love Does - literally a life changing read. It's courageous, hopeful, and energizing. Makes you want to get up and see, live breathe, walk in love.

(from my friend @acaciawould's instagram)

Favorite Quote - "Love just wakes up in the morning and gets busy loving. Your treasure is sitting there right next to your pancakes."

Hello, LOVE that!
Let's all wake up in the morning and get busy loving.
I'm making that my routine. 

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