Monday, June 04, 2012

What Makes A Beautiful Maniac Monday

Just Another. Wish it were Sunday!

There is some new love in this house.
For a few, specific, British Boys.
My girls' hearts are headed in ONE DIRECTION.

I'm starting to believe I don't (fully) understand what makes them beautiful
But my girls do. 
Apparently it's Harry's floppy hair (the way he flips it, is overwhelming)
and Liam's dance moves (everyone else in the room can see it)
and Niall's crush on Demi (understand, he wants her desperately)
and Zayn's fear of crowds (he's insecure, don't know what for)
and Louis' smile (when he's looking at the ground)

Apparently these things warrant buying 2 identical $5 magazines
(with their own money)
Which were kissed before bed and given goodnight wishes.
All before being tucked safe beneath my girls' pillows.
Whatever it is that makes these boys beautiful...
Well, it now graces my girls' bedroom walls.

Lord, help me.
No...Lord, help these British Boys. 
Lord help THE MOTHERS of these British Boys.
I can't even begin to imagine what those women have to deal with.
I would FREAK.
Munch...promise to never grow floppy hair or learn to sing, okay?

PS - OK fine. This video made me sorta fall in love with them too.
The diner, their accents, when they use ketchup bottles as microphones??... it's just too cute.
And frick if at 4:25 Harry doesn't flip his hair in a completely overwhelming way.
That has to be staged. 
(and...Zayn's harmonizing?...WTHeck.)


{cuppakim} said...

you just killed me dead with that video.
i die of cuteness.
i have to restrain my inner cougar.
hahaha. not kidding.

freaking harry.

do your girls have a favorite? because i feel like it would have to be harry.

or zayn. but he might be a little too mc steamy for you littles. right?

do i need to buy their whole album now?

Andrea said...

i can see why your girls have crushes! :) totally can relate to that being a new kids fan when i was their age! what a fun video!

formerly known as emj said...

Darn it, Erin! Now you've got me crushin'. These boys are so adorbs and their lyrics and style is really good. Move over Justin Bieber, these guys have got him beat on all levels

Jessica Johnson said...

have I shared with you my name pet peeve? When Y replaces a normal letter. ZAYN. killing me. but they are CUTE. move over beatles.

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Hahaha!! I don't think they're very attractive, but man their cd is GOOD!!

Susan said...

Hahahaha! Love this post! I love that song, but yes, I feel really old (and borderline criminal) when I listen to it. At least your girls seem to have good taste in boy bands!

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