Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Memory Lane

17 years ago, a boy came up to me at a Summer party and took the cigarette out of my mouth. Snapping it in half and crushing it on the ground, he said "Please don't do that." I thought to myself, "Who the HELL does this kid think he is?!" Then we sat down on a curb and had a four hour tete a tete. The next day, I told my best friend I could marry this boy. 

Mateo - my sun rises and sets with your insane smile. You are the reason I believe in fate, in soul mates, and in lifetime love. Our life together is my dream come true. July 10, 1999 was so hot!! It was like everyone's love and excitement and energy for us on that day was raising the temperature. 13 years later, I still feel that way. Being Mrs. Matthew Burns is very hot. And I Flove it. 


Happy Anniversary, my love.

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