Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Fun & Sunscreen Punch

Monday was a happy day. A day at the beach, with a friend I LOVE, whom I never would have met if not for blogging. But now I'd be really sad without her. And having our husbands and kids together...and seeing us all play and hit it off (like I knew we would)...beyond

Summer Bliss with the Nagles. No filter.

If you've ever questioned that MissyP is my mini me...this picture prolly puts your doubts to rest.
The chin, the cheeks, the nose, the CURLS!!!
I need to quit my day job and get this girl an agent.
Is Munch for reals with that pose? 
And when did MJ get so tall? 

Dinner time. Munch is screaming "WIENERS!!
 Cause life is just better when the word penis (in any form)
can be worked into everyday conversation.
And especially when around a fire pit. Naturally.
Freaking boys. And their penises.

Smores. Fireside. Her third.

Monday's #julyphoto366 prompt was "sips"
So we had to oblige. 

I invited my parents. Cause they know and love Denise too.
(from when she came for the chaos!)
My mom tried to show me up in the "Campfire Gourmet" category. 
I'd say she kicked my ass.
It should be a no brainer if you wonder, "where I get IT?" 

And finally, what all of you have been waiting for.
(well all of you that are @lauracase at least) 
Sunscreen Punch

This is my Daddy's concoction. So named because you're not gonna be able to decide if you'd rather slurp it up, or slather it on your skin. We do both. We're Obama loving liberals afterall.
Equal opportunity, over here. 

Sunscreen Punch
2 cups Welch's Orange Pineapple Apple juice
2 cans Kern's Guava nectar
2 cups Malibu Rum
1 cup Vodka
half can (or about 8oz) Coco Lopez coconut creme

Mix everything together and serve in a Red Solo cup filled with ice. 
Straws and umbrellas optional...but always fun. 

**recipe notes: if you can find POG juice (Pineapple Orange Guava fabulousness from Hawaii) then use 6 cups of that instead of the first 2 ingredients. And while any vodka will suffice, we love CINCO. Not only because they FULLY sponsored the Gala. But also because CINCO is smooth as velvet, based in Texas,  and packaged with God Bless the USA flare. Check them out!**


Polka Dot Moon said...

Let's try this again.....

BEST family, fun beach time EVAH! We LOVE the Burns family!! xoxo

P.S. y'all should make the Sunscreen Punch.....DELISH!

LauraC said...

Will be making this and reporting back!

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