Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I hate shaving my legs. Is that weird?
It's time consuming. Boring. Monotonous.
And I always miss spots.
Did God realllllly intend for us ladies to perform Yoga in the shower?
I don't think so.

I hate shaving my legs.
But I do it.
I put it off, yes. Lord, do I put it off.
But of course, I do it.

And once I do....I always wonder what the big deal was.
What took me so long?

Me before shaving my legs: "oh sheesh. do i really have to can't i be a hobbit who even cares if my legs are hairy i'll just wear jeans every. single. day. maybe if i don't shave them for a month i will have leg fur as soft as a lemur shaving my legs sucks."

Me after shaving my legs: "HOLY VIRGIN MARY MOTHER OF CHRIST THIS IS THE BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD everyone should be touching my silky legs i'm just gonna rub them together all. day. long. my legs feel like unicorn sex why don't i do this more often i can't wait to crawl into clean sheets shaving my legs is AMAZEBALLS."

Was it reallllly THAT painful? NO. And it ended up being fabulous. are a FREAK...just shave your legs.

I've come to realize...
this is how I deal with most monotonous tasks in my life.
Exercising. Folding Laundry. Grocery shopping. Making beds. Washing dishes.

I dread doing these things.
I often do anything else but these things.
(i've been known to alphabetize the spice rack rather than fold laundry)
But when I actually follow through and do them, it feels soooooo good.
And it frees me up to enjoy the things I happily want to do.

Like read and bake and blog
and follow eleventy zillion Robsten tumblrs
And make out. In between clean sheets. With smooth legs.

So it's my goal these next few weeks, to wake with an energetic heart and tackle the dreadful tasks.
Summer has allowed me to be Lazy. Idle. Indulgent. HAIRY.
(metaphorically speaking)
And while it feels good at the time...I know following through feels so much better.
AMAZEBALLS, actually.

"The secret to getting ahead is getting started."
-Mark Twain
(this man was scary smart.)

This is me tackling grocery shopping like a boss. Hey.

Munch and I hit the friendly skies for Chicago on Thursday. 
AHHHHH!!! So excited. 
Three whole days with My Kate.
In the city that is my heart away from home. 
So, I'm off to do the dreadful things like packing and cleaning.
And prepping a home to be "motherless" for 72 hours.
I might even shave my legs for the trip.

But only because it's supposed to be 95 degrees and there's no way I can wear jeans everyday.

(Are lemurs even soft? I have no idea. Surely unicorn sex is softer, tho.)


Polka Dot Moon said...

Not my favorite thing to do dark hair makes me have to do it daily! I have a "5 o'clock" shadow 1 hour after ;)

YAY for Sisters in Chicago! Have a blast!

Eryn said...

I'm an "Erin" (though I'm ErYn!) as well and I have the worst procrastination in the world. I too, think to myself, why the heck didn't I just do that sooner and get it over with? Must be an Erin/Eryn thing! ;)

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