Thursday, September 13, 2012

Today's TSG

Seeing as I leave for Chicago in 2 hours....this news might call for some Hancock Tower zip lining this weekend. At the very least...a Ferris Wheel ride and some bacon. DIVERGENT IS COMING TO THE BIG SCREEN IN 2014!! Which means casting is right around the corner. So help me if there are any Leprechauny FAILS. If they get Four or Tris wrong, I will gouge my own eyes out with a fork ala Peter style. 

Camden Lachey was born yesterday. I care about this about as much as I do Honey Boo Boo Child...but it's worth noting if only so Jennifer Maize can put her Nick&Jess reconciliation hopes FINALLY to bed. 

And while I'm not a fan of CB (or his scary bizarre new next tattoo that eerily resembles Rhi's battered face...WTH?!!) I am a little obsessed with his new song. It's HASOD perfection. "Only coffee no sugar inside my cup."

(If this is your first time reading TSG, and you're a little lost amongst my crazy, read "The Lingo" page linked at the top of the helps justify explain mucho! Hint: Leprechaun = short actor horribly cast as HOT boy in movie of books I may be sightly over invested in. Perhaps.)

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