Monday, January 14, 2013

The Golden Globes and a Menu Plan

(how I felt after taking the kids to school this morning)

It's FREEZING here in California. Cold, cold, cold. To actually need to put on a coat and wear closed toe shoes for more than a day or two...we don't know what to do with ourselves. The other day, I was laughing with my friend Melisa (who lives in Canada and thinks nothing of taking her four kids out in negative temperatures to do really crazy stuff like go to school and grocery shop) because I told her that my town had been issued a "FROST WARNING." As in, Southern Californians NEED ADVISEMENT if it drops below 40 degrees. She found that hilarious.

It's so cold, even all the pretty dressed ladies were complaining at the Golden Globes last night! Ryan Seacrest called it "California Cold." And yes...Ryan qualifies as a pretty dressed lady. His gorgeous girlfriend was looking smashing as well. Gimme that sparkly, romantic dress paired with smokey eyes and rocker updo. Crushing.

Jessica Alba was my pick for Best Dressed of the night. That dress, her side swoop wavy hair, those ORANGE LIPS, and that necklace. Just, one big asdlkfjasldkjfaklsdhflaskdhflkajsdlkfjalskdjf!! That feathery clutch doesn't suck either. Congratulations on your flawless self, Jessica. Golf clap. Live here

Jennifer Lawrence was rocking it as well. Loved the belt. Loved the color. Loved her up-do. Not in love with the bust...but I don't hate it. Her Best Supporting Actress acceptance speech was what I really enjoyed. It was humble, yet humorous and heartfelt. I loved when she thanked her older brothers for being mean to her. "Does it say, 'I beat Meryl' on here?!"

Tina and Amy were hilarious. They win the award for Best Awards Show Hosts of all time. Their sequence right after losing to Lena Dunham, where they declared there was nothing left to do with the night but get drunk? BEST. And their digs at James Cameron, James Franco, Taylor Swift and Bill Clinton? Beyond. I was alone on my couch giggling and clapping my hands. My kids kept poking their heads in asking, "Mom, what is soooo funny?" Um...these two. Right here.

And while it may be frigid here, Ben Affleck kinda melted my heart with the end of his Best Director acceptance speech. 

"I want to thank my wife who is the reason I am standing here. I adore you. I love you. Thank you for sitting through this with me tonight. You are my everything." 

That. was. adorable. 
Bennifer FTW.

Finally - after last night it's official. I have to catch up/start watching Homeland and Girls (thank you Baby Jesus for HBOGo and 1Channel). And I will admit - poopooing Argo when Mateo wanted to see it in the theater was probably a dumb idea. Ok there. I said it. 

Here's what will be on our table this week:

Monday - make your own pizzas and caesar salad
(I let the kids roll out Grands biscuits for the pizza dough. They love it!)
Tuesday - Honey ginger chicken with brown rice and edamame
Wednesday - Shepherd's pie and green salad 
(Shhhhhh...the 'mashed potatoes' on top are really mashed turnips and cauliflower!)
Thursday - Homemade taquitos and Spanish rice
(I used ww tortillas and fill them with a mixture of baked chicken and pintos pureed together, cheese, garlic salt and a little cumin...roll, spray with cooking spray and bake)
Friday - Protein Packed mac n cheese with green beans
(I add half a can of pureed Northern Beans to the milk when making the cheese sauce. I also add shredded chicken and a little cooked bacon to the ww noodles.)

PS - I am NOT discussing Denver's loss on Saturday. My wounds are still too fresh. Bitter does not begin to describe my state of grumpiness. My girlfriend, Lauren, was here with her girls and I think I scared them screaming at my TV! Thankfully she saved me from despair with great girl time and Greenleaf takeout. It was perfect! Reports surfacing this morning that K showed up to party with Rob at Tina & Amy's uber private after party last night, is also helping right my outta sorts reality today. 


{cuppakim} said...

burnsie. its freezing here.
also, now i need a youtube montage of the GG highlights.

and to come over for dinner.
every night sounds delish.

i'll be over here eating my soup.

Polka Dot Moon said...

Coldest few days here and of course our heater is broken! And baby girl is sick! And hubby is traveling!

Ready for the heat......BRING IT ON!

(I thought Kate Hudson looked amazing)

Aubs said...

totally going to have to try your homemade taquitos!! my boys would love that!! everything sounds delish!! =)

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

I kid you not...watching Homeland, onDemand right now.....Episode 4, Season 1. Bennifer forever!!!!

Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

Agree on all of your GG observations. LOVED everything about Julianne. She is gorg. Alba is killing it. Lawrence looked teeny tiny and so pretty. Her speech was HYSTERICAL and loved the Meryl comment. Ben is my MAIN man. Loved Garner's dress too!

I am coming for dinner all week. Thanks ;)

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