Wednesday, January 16, 2013

SYSWW with VB and some randomness

If you are familiar with blogs at know there's a popular post that happens every week across the blogosphere. WIWW - What I Wore Wednesday allows women all over the first world globe to navigate the complexities of color blocking, pattern mixing and hidden stacked heel sneakers without feeling soooo alone. Cause that ish is scary, and no one should have to do that solo. 

I don't participate in WIWW. But only because I have nothing to post. I've never been much into fashion or beauty products. You're talking to someone who uses olive oil in her hair instead of glossing creme. And baby powder instead of dry shampoo. Who still owns the same bottle of foundation and tube of mascara that I bought for a wedding 5 years ago. No joke. That's how much I wear makeup. I use my lipstick as blush - I really don't understand the need for 2 products?? My closet consists of workout clothes, cheap knockoff jeans, and tshirts. In the summer, I live in a bathing suit, tank top and cutoffs. Year round, my shoes are Chucks, Vans, Rainbows or running shoes. (I'm branching out tho. I'd kill for these pink sneaks. Take 'em off your dead body.) 

The few nice pieces of clothing or pairs of shoes I own are all gifts from my generous Mother who takes pity on me. And believe me - I love wearing those Tory Burch ballerina flats and 7 for all Mankind jeans. But I don't wear them on a regular basis. And I do get girly every so often. I've been known to sport a fuchsia lip and eyelashes. It's just usually for a monumental occasion. And I pretty much just throw a bunch of stuff on my face until I think it looks good. I have no idea what I'm actually doing to get there.

So instead of participating in WIWW, I've created my own weekly meme and it's turned into an ongoing joke with some of my girlfriends. I participate in SYSWW - Shit You Shouldn't Wear Wednesday. (But this can actually happen any day of the week. Because I dress like this on MTTHF too.) We text each other pictures of what we're wearing and compliment the sexy ponytails worn with workout headbands, the broken out faces and week past waxing eyebrows, the Target yoga pants worn with neon sports bras under our husbands' XL tshirts. Neon sports bras. See? I'm on trend sometimes. 

What's brought me to actually blog about SYSWW (cause you definitely shouldn't write a blog post about it. No one needs help navigating yoga pants and hoodies!) is an online article my friend Rachel sent me. It actually gives you step by step instructions on how to pose like Victoria Beckham. GASP! You die, right? This is something every girl needs to know, OMG. I mean, if you're not posing like VB you might as well just throw your camera away. Dafuq you even taking pictures for? 

(10 degrees, peeps! 12 or 13 degrees and you blow the whole shot.)

So I've been practicing. I haven't gotten it perfect yet. But by golly - even yoga pants and  olive oily messy buns LOOK BETTER when you know how to pose. I'm under the impression that when I get the 10 degree hip jut just'll no longer see all the dirty laundry and unmade bed in the background. Since I'm failing in the designer duds and sky high heels departments...I'm banking everything on the hip jut. 

Regardless of what you wear, I'm a big believer in "it's what's on the inside" that counts. But even the prettiest of hearts need to gussy it up sometimes, right? I do have some cheats for when it's time to get serious. Pinterest is always good for inspiration. And for gathering those "looks" I'd like to try and emulate when I actually do get the time to shop!  For makeup help, I follow @theamyclarke on Instagram. She has awesome step by step makeup tutorials. I always pull up her smokey eye one when it's that kinda night. My friend, Heather, has some other great beauty IGers to follow on her blog, Glitter & Gloss, today. Be sure and check it out! Heather's style is impeccable. 

I promise the next time I'm gussied and girly, I'll channel my best VB and use it to post an actual WIWW. I promise. Maybe. 

Other Erin randomness I can't help but share today:
#1 - HOD is back!! Tessa. So help me, now that Wade & Zoe are "out" I better get more than one week of bliss before the angst begins.


#3 - Holy sugar and ish!! Tris has been cast (mmmmmmm??? I'm not sold, but it's not a Leprechaun fail) and filming starts in Chi-Town in April. I need a day to process this. Movie Gods, I beg of you, please cast Four well. Or I will be forced to throw myself off the top of the Hancock Tower. Without a zip line. 


{cuppakim} said...

10 degrees. what was i thinking all these years with only a 9 degree hip turn.
life changing.
effective immediately.

Rachel said...

This. Is. Awesome. You. Are. Awesome. The freaking end.

Aubs said...

i freakin' love you. i'm so lucky to call you friend. that is all. =)

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

I loooooooove you so much, friend!!

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Snort....I just posted my SYSWW!!! I love you FREAK!!!!! Cray Cray Group Messages For The Win!!!!

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