Monday, February 11, 2013

Grammy Conversations & a BIRTHDAY WEEK!! Menu Plan

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards Presented In GIFs

fun. - I mighta almost cried when you performed Carry On at the Grammys last night. And then the rainfall? Whoa. You read my blog post from last week and did it just for me, right? I know. Thank you. I love you.

TSwift - ahem, my dear. I love your music. But you were a little snarky with your dig towards Harry and I didn't get your Alice in Wonderland gone Tim Burton on acid spectacle of a performance.

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards Presented In GIFs

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards Presented In GIFs

LL - Stop. Talking. In. #hashtags. I wanted to face punch you and all of Twitter by the end of the night. #eventhoItotallytalkinhashtags #allthetime

JLo - Angelina's leg was totally at home rolling its eyes at you. Just sayin'.

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards Presented In GIFs

Rhianna - I'm normally not a big fan, but you looked bemaaaaaazing (all of your looks) and your performance was breathtaking.

Carrie Underwood - your voice is like an angel, but your light up dress was cheesy and distracting. It was like Fairy Barbie gone wrong. I ignored it and just made out with your eye makeup. GAH!

JT - I wasn't feeling you on the red carpet...WHERE WAS YOUR HOT WIFE? You're married. Walk with her. She's your best accessory. But once you performed, I got the whole goings on of your throw back tuxedo and hairdo. I can't deny your talent and that you were having a blast up there. #sexyofficiallybroughtback

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards Presented In GIFs

Bruno Mars - you make me wanna dance. And wear fedoras. And schmexy wink at everyone. And dance.

Katy Perry - YOUR BODY IS A WONDERLAND. I'm pretty sure that's what John was whispering in your ear all night.

Frank Ocean - I loved your yellow suit. Yellow is my favorite. Also - did you see Chris Brown SIT ON HIS ARSE through your standing ovation?? Because...of course he did. He's a d@#$%bag. Ignore that. Haters gonna hate. 

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards Presented In GIFs

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards Presented In GIFs

(Also - Adele, I love you...but you were looking a wee bit Mrs. Doubtfire last night. YOUR SHOES WERE THE SAME FABRIC AS YOUR DRESS??? I cannot.)

**DIGRESSION HAPPENING** This is a perfect example of why I love Social Media. Unless you are into music, pop culture and the internet (ME) I'd venture to say you were watching the Grammys last night thinking "WHO (THE EFF!) IS FRANK OCEAN?" Every time he left his seat to accept an award you smacked your sleeping husband's arm and said "That guy...LOOK! Who is that guy?!" Don't worry. You're not alone. Before the show was over, there were tweets galore asking this very question. And someone even launched a Tumblr dedicated to compiling them all. Did people mean to type this question into Google? Nononono. Bing? Nope. Ask Jeeves? Be serious. You must be a time traveler. No - this is how people get information these days. Twitter. People who, despite taking time out of their busy lives to watch a music awards show, happily tweet how little they know about it. IT being music. I love it. And Twitter. And Tumblr. But really, Frank're rad.

Ok - back to the Grammy Conversations...

TSwift- you redeemed yourself in my heart by dancing and singing in the audience like a fool to every song.
The 55th Annual Grammy Awards Presented In GIFs


The 55th Annual Grammy Awards Presented In GIFs

Like literally. You wouldn't stop dancing. And singing.

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards Presented In GIFs

I mean. Alright, com'on.

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards Presented In GIFs

My final thought on the Grammys?

Here's what will be on our table this week:

Monday - Shepherd's Pie and green salad
Tuesday - Herb crusted pork tenderloin, green beans and smashed potatoes
Wednesday - Short Rib ragu over rice with roasted cauliflower
Thursday - Potato Leek soup and chicken pesto paninis
Friday - Molly's 8th BIRTHDAY!! We are having a "Sushi Party" - her favorite food ever.

Think Sobe bottles of soft drinks, bamboo place mats, red plates and soup bowls, cherry blossoms, paper umbrellas and lanterns and fans, chopsticks, takeout boxes, Oragami garlands...Excited to celebrate this fabulous daughter of mine! She doesn't like birthday cake. She wants a I'm thinking of attempting some Japenese doll fondant elements to top the cheesecake. Wish me luck!


{cuppakim} said...

you said it right.
that power foursome is rock royalty.
rap royalty.
music mob.

they dont buy in, you dont go anywhere.

taylor. she was kinnnnnnnnnnda killing me. i appreciate her fan girl status. i love it actually. what i dont love is seeing her turn it "on" as soon as the camera points to her.

ri ri looked great, but definitely on something. she was tweaking.

and i think j-lo's hoo-ha was a little bit jealous of her upper bits and wanted to show off.

and adele. the outfit. too much.

and if i looked like katy. i'm sure i'd wear that exact smae thing.

Polka Dot Moon said...

Okay.....Frank Ocean? Never heard of him and I have to say the whole "Forrest Gump" song.....WTH?!

fun. LOVE.

Bruno Mars. LOVE more! I dance EVERY time his music is on and I don't care where it is or where I'm at when it comes on ;)

Rhianna - not a fan.....anymore. Her music got trashy and I'm sorry but to see her with HIM?! He who beat her up?! WTF Rhianna?

JT - LOVE! His music. Him.

Kelly Clarkson cracked me up! Her speech and her photo bomb of Ellen :)

Jack White??????? loved the first part of his song, then he went weird.

LOVE your menu. Espesh Friday! LOVE February birthdays :) We'll be celebrating two of them this month.


Chrissy said...

Wow, what an awesome post! As i don't get to see the show here in Germany (boo) this was the perfect rundown of it! Thanks! xxx

everydaymomma said...

Oh my word, hilarious! I agree with every single thing you said. Man I wish I could watch with you! And that last video pic of frank ocean made me wicked dizzy I couldn't look away:) you are the best!

Jamie Van Nuys said...

DYING over here reading this.
Was totally not impressed by T-Swifts performance...and was creeped out by Frank Ocean's song. Extremely creeped out. I wish I got to see JT's performance! I think I will go back and watch the whole grammys now thanks to your post and awesome commentary :)

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