Wednesday, May 22, 2013

19 times US

There are so many parts of me that still feel 19. 
Young and fun and LOUD and carefree.
So in love with a cute, strong, and honest boy.
That boy is in love with me and our life is perfect.

And unexpected.
But meant to be.
We're best friends. 
And we know...
We are better together than apart.
We're always a little bit broke.
But we're always a whole lot more in love.
We share dreams. 
And faith.
And taste each other's smiles when we kiss.
Laughter on a Lover's Lips
is a whole lot better than being rich.
This we know. 

At 19.

And still again at 37.

I love you, Burns.
19 million more times than when we were 19.

1 comment:

Aubs said...

I LOVE when you talk about Matt ~ the love you two share is a rare treasure!! He's blessed to have you!! =)

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