Tuesday, May 07, 2013

My Tuesday Crowded Brain

I still can't get over SJP at the Met Ball last night. Thank God for her. The girl knows how to bring it and I don't know why I was even a little bit surprised. Of course she did. (Hellllls LO to those thigh high plaid Louis Vuitton boots. And the bedazzled feathered mohawk crown thingamajig? AND THE FISHTAIL BUN BRAID!!!! Just staaaaaap it.) PS - before you go saying the girl is off her rocker, the collection this year is PUNK : Chaos to Couture. She's not off her rocker. She's just R-O-C-K (ing) in the USA. Yep. 

A year later and I still can't help but break into dance whenever Call Me Maybe comes on. Like today in Ralphs. For reals. Dancing. And pushing a grocery cart. Full on making the phone with my thumb and pinky fist up to my ear/mouth and everything. (No banana...but that woulda been good. Next time.) This is what the rest of you are thinking, right?

ANNNNNND.....Wyatt wants a pet snake. That's all I gots to say about that.
Except if this even goes down, we're totally naming it Kristen Miley Burns.  

Does anyone watch 'Ready For Love' - new match making show produced by Eva Longoria. I watched all 4 Tivo'd episodes this weekend and now I'm obsessed. I need to digest this roller coaster with someone. Please humor me...cause it's like the best, cheesiest, most cringe worthy embarrassing best thing ever. Like everrrrrr. I need to share this. I'm looking at you Aubs.

We are currently navigating the CRAMAZINGPSYCHAOTICNESS that is Summer kids camp signups. Art, Surf, Sport, Gym....I mean, please. What happened to the days of Sandlot?? You're Killing Me Smalls. 
("You play ball like a GIRL!!!!" ahhhh....best movie.)

Researched Cabanas at Mandalay Bay today. Wait...nevermind. I'm going to make a down payment on a house instead. 

Back to The Met...did you see Madonna wore a black wig and let her butt cheeks show? And her and Beyonce took a picture together. And then everyone stopped breathing and The Met's ceiling collapsed. From the fierceness.

Molly started speech therapy this week. Forever she's replaced her 'Rs' with 'AHs"...we don't know why. Am I a bad Mom if I'm kinda sad to see her lose her Boston accent?

I bought a box of Uncrustables today. For the same amount of $$ I could have bought a loaf of bread, (crusts and ALL!) a jar of peanut butter, AND a jar of jam. My GG is rolling over in her grave.

I already couldn't understand the need for Squinkies. AND THEN I LEARNED THERE IS SUCH A THING AS ZINKIES....Tiny Squinkies!!! As if that's even a possible THING? They come with tweezers. BTDubs. Just in case your 5 year old's fingers are too huge and clumsy to pick them up. People spend money on this ish. People like me. 

I had a credit for Rent The Runway so I spent it today. On dresses for the Gala. Yes. dressES. As in TWO. I'm thinking I'll change for the late night dancing portion of the evening. Because, why not? Actually one is a dress. One is a romper. Cause, WWKD?

So...that's me. On a Tuesday.
(really that's about 10%...but you get the idea)

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Aubs said...

first of all...i love you. =) and cheesy, cringe worthy & embarrassing??!! I'm in. Never seen it but gonna look into changing that today!! Ummm...pet snake?! HELL to the NO in this house!! Thats like a whole new level of love right there!!

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