Saturday, June 29, 2013

4th Annual Day of Pretending We're Still 20

Mateo and I have a friend we went to High School with
(yes, me and Mateo went to HS together)
For pretty much as long as I can remember
(mind you, I can't even remember what I ate for dinner last night.)
But for a long time, this friend has had a Beer Pong tournament for his birthday.

And when I say TOURNAMENT...
I mean like teams, and team names, and team costumes.
(45 of them, this year, to be exact) 
The Hlistas always bring it.

I don't even know who this is...but I so loved their costumes.

And when I say TOURNAMENT...
I mean like tents, and caterers, and DJs.

And when I say TOURNAMENT...
I mean like brackets, and regulation tables, and rules.

And cute, tiny, sassy females in Referee shirts and butt short shorts refilling everyone's red cups.
(It is, essentially, a GUY'S birthday party, afterall.)

This will be the 4th year Mateo and I have gone as a team. 
Prior to that he teamed up with some other dude. 
But finally enough of the invitees got hitched...
And realized if they were going to continue this perfectly valid, mature, responsible tradition...
They were gonna need to team up with their significant other to have it fly.
And hence the mandatory Male/Female team rule was instated. 

The first year we were Han and Leia.
I suck. I have no pictures of this year. Basically it was tshirts from Target, Munchie's Star Wars guns, and some big ass buns on the sides of my head.

The second year we were Brangelina.

We played with 6 baby dolls strapped to our bodies. I hunted every toy store in town to make sure we had 1 African baby, 2 Cambodian babies, and 3 white babies...2 of them twins! I even "tattooed" myself like Angie.

Last year we were Jesus and Tebow.
(Jesus was blinded by his own light. He had to wear shades.)

We hit it off with the Mormon evangelists right off the bat.
And also kicked their ass.
Naturally. We're half Jesus. 

8 hours of hanging with our age old friends, throwing balls into cups, full of warm beer.

(Can we discuss for 2 seconds the amount of GERMS on a beer pong ball?? The amount of fingers that touch it. The amount of times it rolls across the lawn (where animals poop.) A ball who's sole purpose is to land in a cup of liquid. Hence washing all those germs into said liquid. That you then have to guzzle. As fast as you can. And this happens REPEATEDLY. Seriously. Who invented this game? If I think about it too long...)

So I just don't!
Cause when you're 20 you totally don't think about that kind of stuff.

As the day comes to a close...only two teams are left. 
All the tables are cleared from the tent but ONE.
The final round is LOUD, crazy, chaotic bliss.
It's one of my favorite days of the year.

This year, Mateo and I thought good and hard on our costumes.
What we finally came up with makes us

 I present to you...
Willie and Korie Robertson.

(my apologies in advance for the mass pics posted later today!)

My favorite thing about Duck Dynasty?
They may be wild and crazy. But they put FAMILY above all else. When Momma Robertson calls...everybody listens! They pray on TV. At every meal. And they are constantly doing good in their community and loving on their neighbors. Here's hoping some of their dumb luck rubs off on Mateo and Me today!
Beer Pong is for the ducks.


Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Have fun!!!

{cuppakim} said...

I mean, you already know how I feel about the,e parties, so, awesome.
I also think you guys are the best. So good, all of this.

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