Friday, June 28, 2013

If You Give A Mom A Muffin (me today)

(Four DCs by 11am this morning. And Turtle Power. It must be Summer!)

If you give me a muffin.
Chances are I'm gonna need a Diet Coke to go with it. 
So I'll crack myself one. 
The 5 year old will sneak a sip when I'm not looking and take it to his room.
Where he'll set it on his Lego table and forget it.
Until he spills it and yells for me to help clean it up.
So I'll wipe it up. 
When wiping up the floor I'll find a wet bath towel and 3 dirty socks.
Which will remind me of the load of laundry that's been waiting to be moved to the dryer for 2 days. 
While trying to decide whether to wash the load again or just use extra dryer sheets to mask the mildew-y smell...
I'll smell something funny.
I'll change the 2 year old. 
When changing the 2 year old, my phone will ring.
The 5 year old will answer it and hang up.
This will remind me I want to call my sister. 
And ask her about the concert she went to last night.
This will make me want to turn on some music. 
So I'll pull up Pandora on my iPad and plug it into the kitchen speaker...
But before I hit play, I'll hear the fridge beeping.
The freezer door isn't all the way closed. 
Shutting the freezer door will remind me I need to figure out something for dinner.
So I'll get some chicken breasts out.
And get on Pinterest.
To look up "crowd pleasing chicken recipes"
When I login to Pinterest, I'll see a DesignSponge pin I MUST DO RIGHT NOW.
So I'll go to my craft corner looking for felt and scissors and my glue gun.
When I plug in my glue gun, I'll see the DirectTV bill sitting on the counter.
That was due yesterday.
Summer TV cannot be missed, so I'll frantically look for my checkbook.
My checkbook is in my purse that is being dumped on the floor by my 5 year old.
Because he'll SWEAR he put his Ninja Turtle in there. 
Which will make me wish I was a Ninja. With lots of Turtle Power. 
Cause right now I can't even remember what I was doing 2 minutes ago.
Which will remind me I need some caffeine. 
So I'll crack myself a Diet Coke. 
And chances are, if I have a Diet Coke,
I'm gonna need a muffin to go with it.
But my kids will have eaten it 2 hours ago.


everydaymomma said...

I'm pretty sure you have cameras in my brain. For reals. Except just maybe they will be diet Pepsi :)

Aubs said...

I'm pretty positive there has never been a more accurate portrayal of a mom's day than this. and I love you for being able to put into words what I never could!! me love you long time!! ;)

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