Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I sent this picture in a text last night to a girlfriend with the caption, 
"I am soooo annoyed with my children"

this is the girls' bedroom.

I know we all have days like this, but yesterday was a doozy. I went to bed, exhausted and overwhelmed and so annoyed that I run around all day - cooking, cleaning, playing taxi - while they reap the rewards of my efforts but have no respect for them. Of course, this is a generalization. 90% of the time, they are good kids. And very helpful. But last night I was over it. And I hated thinking they went to bed with the memory of a Grumpy Mommy in their heads.

This morning was better. I woke refreshed. Made pancakes for breakfast and everyone got out the door with time to spare. No rushing, no bickering...and even though the house was still messy, at least now it smelled like syrup! Normally, I walk the kids to their classroom lines on the playground, but today - I let them out at the curb seeing as I had one of my daycare babies already with us. There were "I love yous!" and "Have a good days!" and "Do your bests!" shouted, and they were off. I sighed as I pulled away, thinking to myself - "REFOCUS. Life is good. You are not a Grumpy Mommy." 

Five minutes later I got this text from another girlfriend.

So - while the girls will still have to clean their room before play dates or reading occurs after school today (yes, reading is a reward around here!) they will have a Mommy next to them to help in their task. A Mommy who is often over tired, under appreciated, and tends to load her plate with more than she can chew...but today is renewed with the energy and hope that while her kids are raised in a home that is seldom spotless, it is full of love.

(this Mommy is also thankful for sweet friends who take that minute to send the thoughtful text, say the sweet thing, offer a friendly smile...sometimes the littlest thing you do in a day, something you didn't think meant anything at all...can be all the difference in the world to another. A special reminder to me to always "do the small things.") 

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Aubs said...

love you! and those sweet babies of yours that one day i will finally get to hug!! =)

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