Tuesday, January 21, 2014

SNOW! and a menu plan

California kids in the snow

I've been attempting to take the Burns Family gluten free...I'm not crazy strict about it, but where I can easily make the changes, I am. The Gluten Free Goddess has been my menu planning saving grace lately. We also just got a new, Breville juicer that I am excited to use. Send me your favorite juicing recipes!

The lunches are what I pack for Matt and I to eat...the girls still take their normal veggies, fruit, sandwhich, & chips. Wyatt, bless him, is a work in progress. I'm happy if he eats half a granola bar and a single carrot out of everything I pack for him. He is more interested in playing at lunch than eating. Then he comes home ravenous at 2pm. The life of boys.

Here's what will be on our table this week.

B – egg whites with turkey, spinach, tomatoes and mozz cheese
L – Greek chicken wrap, cantaloupe & spinach salad with honey
Snacks – string cheese & dried cranberries, Greek yogurt with berries
D – Ground turkey spaghetti over spinach & spaghetti squash

B - Smoothie & GF toast with peanut butter for kids
L - Lime chicken “taco” salad
Snacks - fresh fruit with unsweetened coconut & almonds
D – Sweet potato & black bean enchiladas with poblano cream sauce and salad

B – Cinnamon quinoa with apples & walnuts, vanilla almond milk
L – Turkey, spinach + havarti wraps, red & yellow peppers with hummus, gala apple
Snacks – string cheese, salt & vinegar kale chips
D – Grilled skirt steak with chickpeas, feta & red peppers, baked potatoes for kids

B – Poached eggs with turkey bacon and avocado
L – Roast beef rolled around asparagus, sliced tomatoes with basil & balsamic
Snacks - fresh fruit with unsweetened coconut & almonds
D – Turkey meatballs with Asian noodles, mint & cilantro

I mean, tell me you don't want to eat this...

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Haley Viefhaus-Karayiannis said...

I want every meal. I am so proud of you!!!!

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