Monday, January 27, 2014

NEON! and a menu plan

N is for NINE! and Neon.
MollyB's bday is around the today these invites are in the works. Is she really nine? I can't believe it. 

Here's what will be on our table this week:

B – Gluten Free breakfast casserole and strawberries (I made it with almond milk and baked it in muffin cups so it's easy to reheat individual servings later in the week!) 
L – Cold chicken salad over spinach, cantaloupe drizzled with honey
Snacks – Green juice, hard boiled egg
D – Chicken & sweet potato burgers w/jalapeno jack cheese, fresh pineapple

B – Breakfast burritos with turkey bacon and avocado
Snacks – Greek yogurt w/berries, beet & carrot juice

B - egg whites with turkey, spinach, tomatoes and mozz cheese
L - Chinese chicken salad wrap, Gala apple
Snacks - fresh fruit w/unsweetened coconut & almonds, blueberry & pear juice
D – Lime chicken tacos with cauliflower “rice” and black beans

B – GF Vanilla almond granola with berries and Greek yogurt
L – Cilantro caesar salad w/ leftover lime chicken from last night
Snacks – salt & vinegar kale chips, Green juice
D – Sausage and quinoa stuffed zucchini with green salad

B – Berry juiced smoothie with cinnamon bran muffins
Snacks - fresh fruit with unsweetened coconut, string cheese
D – Pesto & mozzarella stuffed chicken breasts with roasted tomatoes & green beans

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